14 Alien-Looking Places On Earth

11) Etosha Pan, Namibia



Astronomers’ assessment on the images the Cassini space probe took on Ontario Lacus, a massive lake on Saturn’s moon Titan, led to the discovery of it as a form of depression that empties and refills from underneath, at low ebb displaying liquid areas surrounded by materials like saturated sand and mudflats. The fact that Ontario Lacus is filled with liquid hydrocarbons made astronomers notice its eerie resemblance to Earth’s Etosha Pan.

During the rainy season, this arid lake bed fills with a shallow layer of fluid from groundwater. During the dry season, on the other hand, the fluid evaporates and leaves sediment marks. Etosha, meaning “Great White Place,” is a 1,800 square-mile stretch of dry, baked clay that aptly looks out-of-this world.  Photo credit.

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