25 Gorgeous Photos of Seattle

I’m probably biased  but I have to say, Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It is the perfect home for many because of its beautiful skyline, unreal natural beauty, highly evolved tech scene, great mass transportation system, and eclectic mix of cultures.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out these 25 gorgeous pictures of Seattle and judge for yourself:

1) Part of the Seattle skyline with the Space Needle.  Photo credit.

seattle skyline

2) This is a gorgeous black and white photo that captures the Sodo district of Seattle.  You can see CenturyLink field and Safeco Field in the picture, where the Superbowl champions Seahawks and Mariners play respectively.  Photo credit.

seattle 2

3) In this picture, you can see the new Great Wheel, a ferris wheel located on Pier 57 and open to the public as of June 2012.  Photo credit

seattle 3

4) A picture capturing the beautiful skies in Seattle.  Photo credit.

seattle 4

5) Seattle skyline illuminated by reflected light from the sunrise on a foggy  yet beautiful Winter morning in December.  Photo credit.

seattle 5

6) The Seattle waterfront.  Photo credit.

seattle 6

7) If you’re not from Seattle, you probably don’t know what this is.  Whatever you think it is, it is not.  This is actually the library in downtown Seattle.  Photo credit.

seattle 7

8) A picture of the whole Seattle skyline, taken from Gasworks Park.  Photo credit.


9) Seattle is a very progressive city, probably the most tolerant city in the United States.  This picture is taken from the Gay Pride Parade in 2012.  Photo credit

seattle 9

10) The Seahawks play in CenturyLink, the LOUDEST stadium in the NFL, bar none.  Photo credit.

seattle 10

11) This is a photo of Gasworks park, a popular park on the waters, right across from the Seattle skyline.  It is one of the more popular spots for photography because of its complete view of the Seattle skyline.  Photo credit.


12) A rainbow on a gray day shot on Alki Beach.  Photo credit

alki beach 2

13) What Seattle looks like at night from Alki Beach.  Photo credit.

alki beach at night

14) Mt. Rainer seen from the 520 Bridge.  Photo credit.

mountain rainer 520 bridge

15) University of Washington (Red Square), one of the most prestigious universities in the world.  Photo credit.

university of washington red square

16) Pike Place Market, one of the the oldest farmers’ markets in the United States.  Photo credit

pike place market

17) A view of the Space Needle on the left on the 4th of July.  Photo credit

space needle 4th july

18) The Space Needle and the Seattle skyline.  Photo credit

space needle seattle skyline

19) Experience Music Project (EMP).  Photo credit.

Experience Music Project and Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

20) The very first Starbucks on 1912 Pike Place, Seattle, WA.  Photo credit

The 1st Starbucks

21) A view of the Seattle waterfront during one of the sunny days.  Photo credit.

seattle waterfront

22) Another view of the Seattle skyline near Pioneer Square.  Photo credit.

seattle 1-1

23) Entering Seattle’s chinatown.  Photo credit.

seattle chinatown

24) Another view of the Seattle waterfront.  Photo credit.

seattle waterfront 2

25) Phoenix Jones.  Seattle’s resident superhero. 


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