Fiji Islands Travel Guide

What to Do

Fiji is more than an idyllic destination. Its islands offer a fabulous range of activities that are sure to soothe your craving for any type of adventure.

1) Snorkel

Snorkeling in Fiji Island

As the “soft coral capital of the world,” Fiji is where you can find hundreds of corals, seemingly on a race to get out of the deep blue sea. If you are looking for a vibrant exhibition of reefs, Rainbow Reef is your best bet. The Great Astrolabe Reef, on the other hand, is the best location to spot manta rays and other exotic sea creatures.

2) Raft

Go against the strong currents and tides of Fiji’s many rivers by signing up for an action-packed rafting tour. Brilliant choices include the Class II-III Upper Navoa Gorge in Viti Levu, and the Class II Luva River in the village of Navunikabi.

Fiji Island Rafting


3) Swim with Dolphins

Interact with the world around you by spending time with one of the friendliest creatures on earth. If you are traveling with family this is something you can all enjoy together, no matter the age. There are various tours that take you out with the dolphins and several hotels can sign you up to go or have their own dolphin experiences. Swimming with dolphins is easy, fun and safe.

4) Go Hiking

Hiking trails in Fiji will lead you through the vibrant rainforest and towering mountains and hills, then they’ll show you imposing waterfalls and parade you by the edge of the water. What more could you ask for? Take advantage of the walk by meditating and carefully observing your wonderful surroundings. Hiking in Fiji is beneficial for mind and body and also a great chance to snap a stunning picture.

5) Sail

Catch a glimpse of Fiji’s uninhabited islands and commune with its local village people by engaging in sailing trips around the republic. While there are many trips offered, one of the best is the tour of Mamanuca. During this 9-hour voyage, you can visit the Modriki island (the set of Tom Hanks’ movie Castaway), swim in remote lagoons, and take part in the traditional Kava ceremony.

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