10 Best Infinity Pools in the World

Back when the Earth was thought to be wide and flat, ships were launched and men were commissioned to lead the quest for the point where the horizon and the ocean converged. Even today, after science has proven the real shape and facts about the planet, man has continuously been captivated by the boundless scenes and seamless panorama. From this deep longing and indefinable idea, came this visually stunning pool that stretches far beyond the horizon or seemingly plunges down a cliff or perches on the rim of a skyscraper.  This was when the infinity pool (a.k.a. negative, vanishing, or zero edge pool) was designed in the early 17th century. This is man’s way of competing with nature – by expanding the pool to the sea, reflecting the sunset on the glass-like surface, or suspending through precipices. See how designers have vied to create the most innovative and compelling infinity pools in the world. Here are our ten best bets.

1) Marina Bay Sands Hotel


This hotel resort takes pride in its ultramodern Sands Sky Park. Three skyscraping towers are spanned by a silvery luxury infinity pool that seems to pour off the edge and into the metropolis and marina below.  The pool sits at a height of 656 feet – that is equivalent to a staggering height of more than 40 storeys! This breathtaking pool happens to be the largest swimming pool at such an altitude. Enjoy this outdoor man-made body of water while looking down on several tall buildings. Just be careful when making a backstroke near the edge.

Address: Singapore

2) Jade Mountain

Photo credit: Jade Mountain
Photo credit: Jade Mountain

This resort is owned by an architect who integrates infinity pools in his designs. The one in Jade Mountain is lined with rare patchwork of glass tiles. The bluish cool waters merge with the sweeping view of the Caribbean Sea and St. Lucia’s Pitons peaks, a World Heritage site. Chance on a romantic night, and the pool reflects all sorts of color from its fiber optics illumination. The resort is the result of the integration of bold architecture with magnificent natural landscapes.

Address: Anse Chastanet, Soufriere, St. Lucia, West Indies

3) Conrad Bali Resort and Spa

Photo credit: My Fancy House
Photo credit: My Fancy House

This resort in Bali Indonesia exemplifies the infinity pool, not only because of its vanishing edge, but because of the overall spiritual ambiance that the resort exudes. There is a taste of that which is infinite in the natural lush surroundings, the endless beaches, the ancient temples and iconic chapel, the enchanting gardens, and its world-class infinity pool. At dusk, the pool takes on a mystic picture with the bluish hue of the water expanding your sight to the sea. The silhouette of the wedding chapel floating on water completes the magical Balinese vista. You will find a sanctuary in Conrad Bali Resort.

Address: Bali, Indonesia

4) Hilton Los Cabos Beach and Golf Resort


This resort’s infinity pool glistens to reflect Mexico’s Hispanic heritage. Wide and warm hacienda-styled courtyards provide a relaxing atmosphere and stunning views of the sunset, swaying palms and the beachfront. There are swim-up bars near the pools, making this a great venue for parties and cozy dusks.

Address: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

5) Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort


Looking forward to sunny days on the crystal waters and white-sand beaches of Maldives? Stay in this resort for its opulent accommodations and its cool and soothing pools. This resort boasts of several infinity pools that offer uninterrupted sweeping views of the Maldives beach line. You may also request for rooms with your very own infinity pool! That should be the ultimate and infinite luxury. Complete your water experience with the resort’s underwater restaurants and sea panorama.

Address: Rangali Island, Maldives

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