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With its well-protected national parks, virgin forests, well-maintained temples, gorgeous beaches, and luxurious apartments. Krabi proves to be a comprehensive tourist destination, as well as a prospective retirement haven for those who wish to enjoy the majestic views of the Andaman Sea. If you are looking for an idyllic beach vacation, then why not consider Krabi, Thailand? Here is a guide to what you need to know about Krabi.

Krabi in a Nutshell

Located at southern Thailand’s famed west coast, Krabi is famous for being a human settlement for the longest time. Recently unearthed artifacts show that Homo Sapiens have been living in the coastal town ever since 35,000 BC. Given its rich history, the serene destination continues to be a top spot among tourists, more so with its white sand beaches and carefully-preserved national parks.

Best Time to Visit

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The best time to visit Krabi, Thailand is anywhere from December to April, where you can enjoy the city’s sights without getting drenched in rain. Make reservations for your accomodations in advance if you plan on going to Krabi from December to early January, as these are the city’s peak months. Avoid visiting Krabi during the monsoon months of May to November or else you will just be stuck in your hotel room, hoping for the rain to let up.

Getting There

If you are coming from another country, you can choose among three airports to arrive on. One is Bangkok, which has a bus service in Pen Klao that operates on a daily basis. Be ready for the trip though, as it will take you 13 hours to cross from Bangkok to Krabi. Since a direct flight to Krabi can be quite expensive, a better alternative is to arrive at the Phuket Airport, where you can take a bus or mini-bus headed for Krabi. Transport time ranges from 3 to 4 hours. Another option is taking a 4-5 hour bus ride from the Surat Thani airport.

You can also take a 12-hour train ride from Bangkok’s Hualomphong station, and alight at the Trang, Suratthani or Tung Song terminals. From these points you can hop on a bus headed to Krabi, Thailand.

By boat, you can hop on a ferry from Phuket to Krabi via Phi Phi island for a 90-minute journey to Thailand’s finest beaches. However, if you are looking for the ultimate convenience, better catch a domestic flight from Bangkok to Krabi airport.

Prime Attractions

Krabi features crystal clear beaches and lush parks that will make you believe that there is still indeed a paradise on earth. When in Krabi, do not forget to visit any of these top seeded attractions:

1) Krabi Town

Krabi Town
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This local market town will truly make you feel that you are at the heart of Thailand. Compared to the mainstream vacation destinations of Phuket and Pattaya, Krabi town is very simple with its modest buildings and traditional forms of transportation. As the center of the city, most of Krabi’s tourist spots can be accessed through Krabi Town.

2) Railay Beaches and Caves

A visit to Krabi is incomplete without visiting its number one tourist attraction – Railay Beaches and Caves. Located south of Ao Nang Beach, these majestic formations are only accessible by boat – making them a tranquil getaway for locals and tourists alike. Limestone cliffs, lagoons enveloped in cliffs, caves, and white-sand beaches are just some of the many natural wonders you can witness in Railay.

3) Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Nestled in Khao Pra-Bang Khram, Thung Teao Forest Natural Park is one of Thailand’s best secrets. This virgin rainforest is renowned for its emerald pool, which features crystal-clear waters. While the hike to the famed emerald pool is a staggering 800 meters, your sweat will dissipate once you get to revel at the park’s vantage point. Admission is a mere USD 3.30 for children and USD 6.50 for adults.

4) Wat Tham Sua

Also known as the Tiger Cave, the Wat Tham Sua is a spiritual reprieve located near Krabi town. Its focal point is the ‘Footprint of the Buddha,’ which you can only reach if you scale the 1,272 flights of stairs leading to it. But when you reach the top, the climb will be all worth it since your eyes will be gifted with a 360-degree view of Krabi’s beautiful islands, as well as the Andaman Sea.
Remember: dress appropriately and avoid wearing any jewelry that will warrant the attention of playful monkeys around the free admission Tiger Cave.

5) Klong Thom Hot Springs

Located 70 kms away from the heart of Krabi Town, Klong Thom, with its tepid waters, ranging in temperatures of 35 to 40 degree Celsius, provides a perfect respite to tourists.  Brimming with natural sea salts, these hot springs are said to have therapeutic benefits, effective for the relief of sciatica and rheumatism. You only need to pay a mere USD 3 to experience Klong Thom’s healing powers.

6) Khao Khanab Nam

The Khao Khanab Nam mountains, both of which tower more than 100 meters high, are known to be Krabi’s foremost landmarks. Because of Khao Khanab’s majestic stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the caverns which once served as shelters to ancient humans, the beauty of these mountains is truly captivating. Located next to the Maritime Park and Spa Resort, a 15-minute boat ride to Khao Khanab Nam will cost you about USD 10.

7) Susan Hoi

Famously known as the Krabi Shell Cemetery, it is situated at the Bam Laem Pho Cape, located 17 kilometers away from Krabi’s town center. A must-stop destination for geology or history buffs, the 200-meter long Susan Hoi stone formations house the remains of shells touted to be 75 million years old.  Avoid the scorching midday sun by visiting Susan Hoi early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Admission is free of charge.

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