Five Most Popular Nude Beaches in Europe

5. Kinshaldy Beach


Pull up your kilt and run free on three miles of unspoiled beach. Kinshaldy Beach is underpopulated and quiet. It is forested on one side, and with dunes and wide area for sunbathing and sea bathing on the other side. Find a sunny day to visit this beach as it could easily get chilly. Another beach called Crakaig is an official naturist spot, where a mountain stream provides an opportunity for a chilling yet refreshing dip. Indoor swim and barbecue parties, and caravans can also be arranged.

Address: Tentsmuir Forest, Fife Peninsula, Scotland

Playa d en Bossa


Naturist societies find liberal Europe friendly to its concept of nudity in public. While this practice is not for everyone, there remain several public places where this practice flourishes. Each of us is responsible for finding our happy place under the sun, clad or unclad.



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