Bermuda Travel Guide

Think about being in a land that escapes it all: the hubbub of city life; and the seemingly unending tension and stress of work life. Close your eyes and imagine an underwater paradise– tinted in hues of turquoiseensnared scores of shipwreck–that embraces you in its lukewarm currents and welcomes you to walk down its pristine-sand beaches and colorful streets.  Step into a vibrant place full of handmade crafts and people as friendly and balmy as its climate. This tropical heaven has but one name: Bermuda. It boasts tranquility and beauty that you will keep coming back to.

Best Time to Visit

The warmer months, being May through late August, guarantee you the best experience on the island. Sunny days are ideal to visit the dream-like beaches and get the most out of Bermuda’s sub-tropical climate. Another plus of visiting during the hot season is that during this time of the year, all of the beaches are open and there is a greater variety of activities to do on the island. However, if you are a golfer or planning to go on a spa trip, then the winter months are your best choice. Traveling during the cooler months can help you save money and avoid the crowds of tourists without having the climate affect the outcome of your trip.

Getting Around

When traveling to Bermuda you have two options: you can fly or take a cruise. If time is a concern flying is the best for you, and with the recent price drops it should be considerably affordable. While you are soaring through the air, make sure to check out the great view of the island from above. Otherwise, taking a cruise to Bermuda is a very popular option, allowing you to enjoy your way to the island as much as your time there since they offer entertainment for all ages. Taking a cruise in which your accommodation and food are inclusive can save you a lot of money. Once on the island, getting around is fairly easy. It’s important to take notice that car rentals are not available in Bermuda. Imagine if the thousands of tourists had a car on the small island. The traffic and pollution would be unbearable. However, Bermuda’s public transportation is easy to use, with buses running every 15 to 20 minutes. Taxis are also available. Another option would be to rent a scooter, giving you complete freedom to travel around. For shorter distances, walking or biking are great options that enable you to fully experience Bermuda.

Special Events

There is a fair range of events taking place in Bermuda throughout the year, attracting both tourists and locals. These events are just a mere glimpse of a calendar packed with wonderful experiences and holidays, making it so that you can experience at least a few during your stay, no matter the time of year. Bermuda even has weekly events.

1) The Bermuda Art Festival

Bermuda Art Festival The Bermuda Art Festival takes place anywhere between April and May, and includes art shows, entertainment, and open houses. The festival features food and beverages and art walks.

2) Caitlin End to End

A popular sporting event is the Caitlin End to End, in which participants run, swim, row, walk, cycle, or even wheelchair from one end of the island to another.

3) Bermuda Day

Bermuda Day is the holiday marking the beginning of summer celebrated in May 24 and includes parades, races, and marathons.

4) Harbor Nights

“Harbor Nights” is a weekly celebration taking place during the summer months. The main street is closed as the celebration begins and shops and restaurants stay open until late. Vendors dress colorfully and sell local art and crafts on the streets. The celebration also includes activities for children.

Things to Do

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The island of Bermuda, brimming with water-based and land-based activities, is sure to exceed your expectations. Come once and you’re its friend; come back and you’re its family. That is how Bermuda will treat you.

1) Scuba Diving

Bermuda is a well-known superb spot for scuba diving. So as soon as your ship docks in port, waste no time and head out on a scuba diving tour to explore the underwater paradise of the Atlantic. Dive onto many historic ruins and shipwrecks, and swim with magnificent schools of fish. Truly an adventure you can’t dare to miss! Tour rate starts at USD 164.99.

2) Kayak Eco-Tour

Go on a kayaking eco-tour and explore its diverse marine ecosystem. This activity consists of a fully-narrated tour, which starts from the island’s shoreline, giving you the opportunity to get to know the diverse flora and fauna inhabiting the area. Before the end of the tour, you can relax and have some quiet time on the beach or go for a swim. Tour rate starts at USD 64.99.

3) Railway Trail Biking

While you’re in vacation in Bermuda, combine outdoor activity with island history on this unique bike tour along the famous Bermuda Railway Trail, used by the Bermuda Railway between 1930s to 40s. Get off the trodden path, discover some of Bermuda’s lesser-known treasures, and enjoy unparalleled views of the island. Tour rate starts at USD 74.99

4) Snorkeling

Discover the underwater world on a power snorkel adventure in Bermuda! Snorkel with a hand-held aqua scooter and skim through the Atlantic water just below the surface at a fast pace. See beautiful coral reefs, colorful fish and other underwater creatures as you follow your guide through the Snorkel Park waters. Tour rate starts at USD 64.99.

Top Attractions

Bermuda is a place where you won’t run out of things to do or see. Whether you want to go deep into its waters and watch your marine animal friends swim by, or simply take your feet to some of its historic attractions, Bermuda can let you have all that, and even more.

1) The Dockyard

Visiting the Royal Naval Dockyard promises a great time in its many historical buildings, attractions and museums. The main attractions include the Bermuda Art Center, the Maritime Museum, and Dolphin Quest. Here, you can find a shopping mall and several restaurants, pubs, and even spots where you can grab a snack. Admission fee is USD 10 per person above 13 years of age.

2) Church Bay Beach

If snorkeling and swimming strike your fancy, then head out to the Church Bay Beach. With its reefs that are close to the shore, this small rocky beach is famous for snorkeling and many other water sports. The reefs are home to a vast variety of tropical fish and other marine life. Address: Church Bay Park, South Road

3) The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

The Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is the best place to get a panoramic view of Bermuda. Standing 177 feet high, it is the main sightseeing attraction in the island. After you climb up 185 steps, a restaurant at the top, called “The Dining Room,” awaits you to sample its scrumptious fares and marvel at its spectacular views. Admission fee is USD 2.50. Address: SN 02, Bermuda

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