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Top Attractions

While many of Tassie’s popular attractions are nature-based, you will also find museums, gardens, and other historic places. Let these add dimension to your authentic Tasmanian travel experience.  You can also allow yourself to find a few treasured spots on your own, but never miss out on the places on this list.

1) Hastings Caves

Going to these caves and thermal springs takes about 90 minutes from Hobart. To explore several caves, you can take the standard 45-minute tour. The geologic formations are amazing with towers and columns projecting from the cave ceilings and cave floors. A thermal pool fed from a spring can be found by the caves. A picnic area and lush forests surround the area. A paddle pool for children is also available at the location.

2) Cataract Gorge


This is a river gorge and a main attraction in northern Tasmania. The southern area has some cafes, a nice swimming pool, and a pleasant open area. On the northern part you will find a nice kiosk, a rotunda, a swimming pool and a restaurant. This urban reserve attracts plenty of tourists and locals.

3) Mount Wellington

Just 20 minutes away from the city and more than 1,000 meters up from the ground, Mount Wellington thrives with wildlife and a natural setting that starts as a forest and culminates in ice. There are several viewing platforms for you to enjoy the scenic view. There are hiking trails for the adventurous to explore the wilderness around. There is a marvelous freshwater spring which soars high, this you mustn’t miss.

4) Tiagarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre

The Tiagarra Aboriginal Culture Centre stands by the Mersey River, on a sacred aboriginal site. Here you can see a rare collection of authentic aboriginal carvings. Walk through roomful of traditional relics and all sorts of artifacts. You can also shop for traditional aboriginal crafts. There is no better place to explore the true origins of Tasmania and its interesting history than this place. The admission ticket costs USD10.

Address: Mersey Bluff, Davenport, Tasmania, Australia

5) Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery

Queen Victoria’s Museum is the best place to explore local history and observe creativity and art. There are two sites, each different yet equally charming. On exhibit are ancient artifacts and art masterpieces. Address: 2 Invermay Road, Inveresk, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

6) Museum of Old and New Art

The best of the past and the present are what you will find at the Museum of Old and New art, where two opposites clash but produce something totally in harmony. From controversial contemporary art to old Egyptian pieces – you will find them in this museum. It takes the concept of modern life to a new extent by providing dynamic portable screen to each visitor. This provides information about the art pieces in its proximity instead of just putting up an information plaque by the piece. It is important to note that this museum closes on Tuesdays. The entry fee is USD20, and the pieces are well worth it.

Address: 655 Main Road, Berriedale, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

7) Markee House Museum and Garden

Explore 20th century art and rich history in one of Tasmania’s treasures: The Markee House Museum and Garden. Enjoy a guided tour that leads you through magical gardens and a variety of art pieces. The museum also hosts temporary exhibits that are interesting every time you visit even if you’ve been there several times.

Address: 145 Hampden Road, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

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