Tallinn Travel Guide

Tallinn is not your average destination. This Estonian town a showcase of medieval era – of cobblestone paths, promenades along baroque parks, and complexes of castles and fortresses. It winds you through an impressive history and a rich culture.  At one point you will be walking through a backstreet lined with craftsmen and artists busy giving birth to new pieces – all unique, lavish, and truthfully exquisite. Veering farther away, you will recognize the timeline of how the city has transformed. As the picturesque narrow streets disappear, sights turn into tall grey buildings and metallic reflections bouncing off glass structures. The town happily lives on its past while embracing the advancements and technology of the present. Visit Tallinn and learn of historic evolution in a few steps!


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Best Time to Visit

Summer is definitely the best time to be in Tallinn. The sky will be bright blue and sunny and the streets will be abuzz with life. However, if you wish for snow-covered castles and exquisite views, March is the best month to travel. Keep in mind, however, that daylight isn’t abundant and that the weather could be very cold.

Getting Around

The best way of getting around, especially in Old Town (where most of the action happens) is walking! That’s what the narrow medieval paths were made for. Everything is a short distance away. You won’t spot any member of the royalty anymore, but simply walking by the town’s medieval castles will make you feel like you have traveled back to an era when knights and kings ruled this kingdom. As you exit medieval era, you will enter the modern age (which indeed, has thousands of wonders of its own) and transportation is made easy by taxis.

Special Events

Estonian Song Festival
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The Estonian Song Festival takes place in Tallinn in the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, a landmark of the city. The immense area gets quite crowded with about 100,000 visitors that come to hear the melodies of an exuberant choir, at one of the biggest events of this kind. This festival takes place during early July. Vilijandi Folk Music Festival has become one of the city’s most significant events, taking place on the last weekend of the month of July. The festival hosts various musicians who entertain the crowds by presenting their own rendition of traditional folk music. You can buy a Festival Pass to attend most of the events and shows for USD65.

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