Tasmania Travel Guide

Tasmania keeps a reputation as a producer of some of Australia’s finest food and wine. It is a gastronome’s paradise. Why don’t you validate that statement and see for yourself? Or better yet, taste for yourself in these food joints listed below.

1) Boutique Espresso

Known as the best place to grab coffee, Boutique espresso is a spot you can’t miss. Enjoy a warm cup of coffee with dessert or a pleasant light meal. The friendly atmosphere and aromatic brew will definitely attract you to this coffee shop. Make sure to try their homemade soup and butter chicken pie.

Address: 162 Macquarrie St, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

2) Tapas Lounge Bar

The Artel
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Tapas lounge bar is the best place to have a drink after a long day. The bar specializes in Spanish cuisine. You can play pool, enjoy a live music performance, relax at the lounge or walk through their unique art gallery. Whether you are sitting at the restaurant or at the bar, you can bet on having a good time.

Address: Rooke Street Mall, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

3) Valentino’s Family Restaurant

This homey Italian restaurant is popular among locals and tourists for what is touted as the best pizza in Australia. All of their dishes are cooked to perfection and the staff is so friendly and efficient that you won’t want to eat anywhere else. This is your restaurant for anything Italian: chicken, salad, pastas and the classic pizza.

Address: 58 Best Street, Devonport, Tasmania, Australia

4) Jackman & McRoss

Try out local cuisine in this cozy spot in Hobart, Tasmania. The friendly atmosphere and delicious meals are what makes the guests coming back. Make sure to check out their display of tarts, pies, cakes, and all sort of sweet treats.  Enjoy these desserts with a nice cup of coffee after a great meal. Their soup is a popular lunch option. The price for a meal here ranges between USD5 and USD12.

Address: 57-59 Hampden Rd, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

5) Me Wah

This restaurant serves Chinese cuisine in the most delicious way possible. The interior of the establishment is stylish and classic creating a calm and sophisticated atmosphere. It is considered the best Asian restaurant in Tasmania and one of the best restaurants overall. The service at Me Wah is impeccable and so are their exquisite dishes. Have a cup of wine while you enjoy your meal and save some room for their succulent desserts. Though dining here may be slightly pricier, the quality of the food and the service are well worth it.

Address: Magnet Court, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Where to Stay

Experience the graciousness of Tasmania as a host. Find its rural cottages, beach getaways and historic manor houses. Get a taste of its historic past by finding an eccentric mansion, or get its buoyant feel from its contemporary B & B’s and hotels. You can always explore and try a place for a night and then hop to another; that would be exciting. But here is our list, and you may not find the need to check out other places.

1) The Henry Jones Art Hotel

Standing right on the waterfront in Hobart, this hotel is more than you can ask for. It puts up on exhibit 300 artworks which are part of the decoration. The owner must be an art aficionado because the hotel also has a constantly evolving art exhibit truthfully unique from any of your average hotel experience. The restaurant offers fine dining. The facilities include a bar and a nice café.

Address: 25 Hunter Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

2) Cradle Mountain Chateau

Right on the mountain among the imposing wilderness, you will find Cradle Mountain Chateau. Its proximity to the ice and the white sheets of snow during the cooler months will make you want snuggle by the log fire and enjoy a hot meal in their restaurant. Their unique wilderness gallery is a must-see for all nature lovers out there. The cozy suites and rooms surpass comfort. This is an untouched refuge from big cities and noisy streets.

Address: 3718 Cradle Mountain Road Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

3) Mercure Hadley Hobart Hotel

This boutique hotel is the oldest of its kind in Tasmania, standing right on the vivid streets of Hobart. The Mercure Hadley Hobart Hotel has a lovely restaurant and bar making sure their guests don’t have to wander off to have a great meal or a relaxing drink. The hotel is close to comfort and interesting places. You should expect to pay about USD100 a night, which is actually one of the best prices in Hobart. The hotel’s history makes for a very interesting bit of your travel – this building with a European touch to it was built by convicts many years ago. The hotel can assist you to find the best activities and tours.

Address: 34 Murray Street, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Celebrate life in Tasmania – appreciate the Georgian mansions, stop by cafés and restaurants, behold the enigmatic rock engravings and paintings, relax by crystalline beaches, weep over delicious food and wines, climb stunning mountains and rock cliffs, and pump your adrenaline. If the word “Tasmania” conjures up only the image of the Tasmanian devil, then you had been shortchanged all along. Have a life. Know the real Tasmania – you deserve it.

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