The Amazon Rainforest Travel Guide

The lung of the earth, the Amazon Rainforest is its largest tropical forest, spanning throughout nine South American countries by 2,200 miles from east to west, and over 1,400 miles from north to south. This seemingly endless carpet of virgin forests, pierced only by the curving contours of the glistening rivers, is certain to awe you with its splendor. The verdant shades of vegetation and the vivid colors of the toucans’ feathers and lobster-claw wildflower petals all wait in anticipation for eyes to feast on them. Get your ears ready to follow the echoes of the cries of macaws and various breeds of monkeys, leading you to a surreal jungle experience you will never forget.

When to Visit

The Amazon is hot and humid year round, but there is a slight difference between the dry and wet season that could play an important role on choosing when to travel. The dry season is ideal for hiking or fishing, since rain is only at 2 inches, compared to the 13 inches during the wet season. However, temperatures are especially high during this season.

During the wet season, rivers are at optimal capacity and getting around by boat is easier. This allows you to explore more areas of the rainforest in less time. Another plus of the wet season is that temperatures are slightly cooler. Depending on what you are hoping to get out of your trip you can decide between both seasons: the dry season going from July to December, and the wet season from January to June.

Getting around the Amazon

The best way to get around the Amazon is by boat. Use the abundance of rivers as your main avenues to get to Manua city and to access the most parts of the rainforest. There are many options from luxury ships to touristic boats. You can even raft your way through the forest if you like! Otherwise, you can try driving through the highway network that goes through the Amazon.

Special Events

The Amazon is a unique destination that offers the exuberance of a virgin forest, especially when explored in an environmentally friendly way. The region offers vivacious cultural life and exclusive attractions, which reflect the intrinsic musicality and artistic nature of its people. Check out the following events to help you plan your trip even better.

1) Boi-Bumbas of Parintis Festival

The festival includes dance, music, and drama shows. You can enjoy colorful fireworks, participate in competitions or even observe an unequaled special effects presentation. A parade and daily life exhibitions also take place. The shows are presented to a group of judges that determines a winner in each area. The Festival runs from June 28 through the 30th.

2) Amazonas’s Opera Festival

This annual festival takes place between April and May in the Teatro Amazonas. The festival has a lot to offer and will certainly keep you busy. Operas are staged at the Opera house and many international musicians put on presentations and concerts. The festival even hosts excellent academic programs.

What to Do

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The Amazon Rainforest, or the “Green Inferno” as it is also known, is amazingly diverse, housing 50 species of mammals, 2,000 fish species, and 1,000 bird species. The following activities are just some in the long list of things you can do in such a vast expanse of unique vegetation, wildlife, and culture.

1) Go on an Adrenaline-Pumping Escapade

Many Expeditions are offered to the thrill-seeking tourists in the Amazonas. While you are there, you can’t pass up on the adventure of a lifetime, involving extreme sports (such as rafting and paragliding) and alligator spotting. On the way to your adrenaline-filled adventure, you will get to know the rainforest and visit beautiful natural sights.

2) Tour the Jungle

There are a wide variety of agencies offering to give you the staple jungle tour of the Amazonas. Some of the tours are short, while others can last days in which you sleep in a tribe’s village or in small cabanas covered by mosquito nets. Weather you are going for short and sweet, or really looking to immerse yourself in the experience there are plenty of options and prices offered and ones got to be the perfect match. Some tours even feature story tellers and local cultural exploration. You can’t go to a place of so much beauty; a place so alive and not take at least a peak into the wonders it holds.

3) Go Hiking

If you aren’t that keen on adventure and risk, perhaps a calming hike through the heavenly rainforest will be a better option. Many agencies offer hike-guides for groups or individuals and you can take your time to take in the view and closely examine the Amazon’s wonders. Guides frequently know a lot about the species and can provide information about anything that catches your eye.

4) Ride a Canoe

With the abundance of rivers that the Amazon holds, there is no better place to try out a canoe. Canoeing is part of many tours, but you don’t have to be an expert to give it a try. If you are not a professional, make sure to hire an instructor at the agency of your preference. You can find many options in the city or on the world wide web.

5) Take a Jungle Survival Course

Jungle survival courses are popular in the Amazon Rainforest. Among the lessons you will learn are which plats to avoid and medicinal uses for many plants that grow in the forest.

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