13 Gorgeous Pictures of Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a Navajo Nation region that resides between the Utah and Arizona state line.  It is most famous for its sandstone buttes, with the tallest one reach 1,000 ft above the bottom of the valley.  Because of its unique landscape and 360 degrees of beauty, it is a major location for photographers wanting panoramic shots of nature at its finest.  Because the valley is on the land of the Navajo, you will have to pay an entrance fee to the Navajo Nation as you enter.

1. This picture, taken by Wolfgang Staudt, shows the sun beaming down between a cloud formation to one of the buttes.

monument valley 1-1

2. This photo shows the three biggest buttes at Monument Valley in full view. Photo by Wolfgang Straudt

monument valley 2

3. This is what the drive to Monument Valley looks like. This is taken from Highway 163, going south.

monument valley 3

4. This photo shows a raging thunderstorm happening at Monument Valley. Photo source.

monument valley 4

5. Monument Valley during sunrise. Photo by Marco Albonetti.

monument valley 6-2

6. This picture shows a beautiful sunrise over Hunt’s Mesa. Photo by Jason Corneveaux.

sunrise mesa point

7. A picture of an extremely clear and beautiful day in the valley. You can see the only paved road going through Monument Valley in the picture. Photo by Wolfgang Staudt.

valley drive

8. Monument Valley during a quiet sunrise. Photo by Marco Albonetti.


9. Another gorgeous sunrise over Monument Valley. Photo by Wolfgang Staudt.

Sunrise-Navajo-Nation-Monument-Valley 2

10. Horses roaming the valley. Photo by rwarrin.


11. Dusk at Monument Valley. Photo by Venkataramesh Konmoju.

dusk at monument valley

12. Catching a rainbow in the distant during sunset. Photo by multisanti.

rainbow sunset

13. Overhead shot of Monument Valley. Photo by Josh*m.

overhead monument valley

If you are ever around the Utah-Arizona area, be sure to stop by Monument Valley; it is a spectacular site that truly shows off nature’s beauty.

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