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If you think Perth is too isolated to even consider visiting, don’t you ever go into a conclusion that it can never give you a great time. Once it seduces you with its fabulously sunny, balmy weather; quiet, undisturbed yet gorgeous beaches; and cosmopolitan character, you feel helplessly eager to experience it firsthand and enjoy the vast variety of alfresco activities it has to offer. The city has maintained a fine balance between vibrant biodiversity, sophisticated metropolis, peaceful and relaxed way of life, and internationally-rich culture. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking to do: pig out, get out, chill out, or let it all out. In Perth, adventure and fun are way out of the question.

Best Time to Visit  

Normally in other countries, summer months are ideal times to visit. Not in Perth, where summers can be extremely hot with temperatures well over 95°F at midday.  For vacationers, especially those seeking to soak up some tan, spring (from September to November) and autumn (from March to May) months provide the perfect climate to gad about on beaches, the metropolitan areas, and the bush lands where fabulous wildflowers are abloom plenteously.


Typical of a Mediterranean-type climate, Perth experiences hot and dry summers, and generally wet yet mild winters.  Between November and April, temperatures average at 95°F, with a maximum at 104°F.  During winter (from June to August), temperatures are usually around 60°F, but could sometimes drop below 32°F even on clear nights. In Perth, it is true that when it rains, it pours. After the lengthy dry spell, storms take a vengeance on some winter nights.

Things to Do

Perth Beach
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In these times when everyone seems to be tightening his pocketbook strings, Perth proves to be a great place for inexpensive fun and adventure. It is home to a multitude of wonderful natural attractions, which all make it conducive to enjoying the following activities.

1) Swim (Swim Nude!) 

Swim to your heart’s content. The beaches are patrolled because they are on the open ocean. Take proper precautions, such as keeping yourself in between the flags and no straying beyond. Most of the beaches are accessible by the public transport. The other beaches impose fines for swimming nude, except for the Swanbourne Beach, which is an ideal place for sun-worshippers who wish to have an even tan. Clothing is optional in this resort.

2) Go Snorkeling in Shoalwater Marine Park

Pop on your snorkel and take the plunge into the crystal waters of Shoalwater Marine Park, just one hour south of Perth. Here you will find cavernous reefs, seagrass meadows, and long-lost shipwrecks. You won’t be the only one taking in the underwater attractions, as you get to swim with penguins, sea lions, and dolphins that frequent the area all year round.

3) Go on a 4WD adventure in Lincoln

Pack up the tent and head an hour north of Perth to Lancelin for a weekend getaway full of adventure. Home to the famous sand dunes, Lancelin is a great place for you to get on sand boards, motorbikes, or 4WDs all for the love of the thrill of racing up and down the monstrous dunes.

4) Go on a Day Trip

Go on a day trip to visit nature reserves, go to the Penguin Island, do treetop walking, or explore caves. With such vast lands, you won’t find yourself idle except when you are transporting to another site. And even then, there is so much geography and scenery to take in from the bus window.

5) Trek the Track

Perth’s Bibbulmun Track is one of the loftiest long-distance walk trails in the world, spanning just short of 1,200 miles, from the eastern suburbs of Perth, to Albany. Walkers can take a leisurely day trip from Perth, starting out near Kalamunda in the Perth hills. Those wishing to spend the night outdoors can bunk down in one of the 48 overnight campsites and shelters provided.


While many destinations around the world claim to have it all, Perth simply enjoys it all: a laid-back outdoor lifestyle; sunny, friendly weather, gorgeous beaches, and the freshest produce. And if you’re seeking to enjoy a fun bonding time with nature and your family, Perth can give you that, too. Here are some of its must-visit attractions.

1) Perth Zoo

This 41-acre zoo is home to more than 1,200 animals and around 160 species of botanical collection. It is home, not only to the jumpy iconic kangaroo, but also to huggable koalas and the daunting sun bear and lithe cheetahs. Admission for adults is US$24.50, children US$12.30, seniors US$20.50, and free for children under 4 years old.

Address: 20 Labouchere Road, South Perth

2) Adventure World

Perth Adventure World
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Except on winters, this theme park opens from 10:00am till 5:00pm in its picturesque location in Bibra Lake. There are 30 thrill rides and waterslides to excite the child inside you. A day pass for an adult costs US$52.50, child US47.50, senior US$19, and for families the pass ranges from US$130.50 to US$235.50.

Address: 179 Progress Dr., North Lake, Perth

3) Perth Arena

Get to see Disney on Ice for an admission fee of US$28.50-US$74.50 or watch Michael Jackson the Immortal by Cirque du Soleil at US$91-191 at this world-class entertainment and sporting arena in Perth.

Address: 700 Wellington St., Perth

4) King’s Park

Just off the western edge of the central business district of Perth, is a huge park and botanic garden. There are more than 80 bird species and 319 native plant species in this coastal bush land. You can do free botanic garden walk, guided walks, treetop walk, water views and wilderness walk, the heart of King’s walk, participate in festivals, sit back at the cafes and watch children on the playgrounds. Special guided walks for people with particular needs can be availed at US$5 per person. Entry is free and the park is always open.

Address: Fraser Avenue, West Perth

5) Aquarium of Western Australia, AQWA

The AQWA is Australia’s largest single aquarium. Its walk-through underwater tunnel is also very impressive. Explore its exhibits on Seal Island, Shipwreck Coast, Danger Zone, and Coral Reef, to name some. Children below 4 years old can enter free. Admission fee ranges from US$17 for a child 4 -15 years old to US$79 for a family of 2 adults and 2 children. Senior citizens do get a treat of free lunch for an admission fee of US$37.

Address: 91 Southside Dr., Hillarys, Perth

6) Art Gallery of Western Australia

This public gallery has acquired some priceless collections of contemporary art, including some Van Gogh. The museum is part of the Perth Cultural Centre. It is closed on Tuesdays. Admission is free but donations will be appreciated. There is free Wi-Fi access.

Address: Perth Cultural Centre, Roe Street, Perth

7) Serpentine National Park

Drive one hour from the city to where Serpentine Falls cascades with crystal-clear water against precipitous granite cliff. The stunning landscape of Serpentine National Park is also ideal for bushwalks and wildlife exploration. Wallabies and kangaroos are familiar sights of the park. Park fee is US$10.

Address: Darling Scarp, 31 miles south of Perth

8) Supreme Court Gardens and Stirling Gardens

Perth has countless parks and gardens, but this is the city’s oldest garden and it runs smack in the city business district near the government buildings. It interlaces at some point with Stirling Gardens, and they both provide a grassy display with bursting flowers and stately trees. Water features and sculptures gracefully interrupt the natural scenery with paths leading to the Supreme Court and towards a river promenade and on to the bell tower. The gardens are open to the public.

Address: St. Georges Ter, Perth

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