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Darwin City is Australia’s frontier town and, without a doubt, its most laidback. Aptly dubbed as the “Top-End” and perfectly nestled at the edge of the expansive Northern Territory, it is a fleck of civilization amidst the great Outback. Recognized for its incredible appeal to tourists and adventurers, Darwin City has progressed from a town with spartan accommodations to a highly sophisticated city, but still preserving that rustic and relaxed charm that has so fascinated countless travelers. You have to spend several days in Darwin, as it is a destination that you have to savor, linger in, and absorb. Enjoy its year-round tropical climate, faultless sunny days, world-class fishing sites, never-ending red plains, offbeat villages and indigenous cultures, crazy crocodile adventures, unforgettable landscapes, historic museums, and imposing buildings – all peaceably contrasting with each other.

Best Time to Visit

Take the adventure to the land of crocodiles, didgeridoo, and the aborigines between the months of April and October. The sun is at its best and culture is showcased during the Darwin Festival in August. Mindil Beach will be filled with spectators of the Beer Can Regatta and anyone can compete in the Thong Throwing competition in July. You will catch spring in September, when flowers throw chaotic colors over lush green ecosystems. If the best period to visit is from April to October, then the best month within that interval is September.


Darwin is perennially hot. The average temperature hovers at 86°F year-round. While temperature is generally not a variant, precipitation is. There are two distinct climates: dry season from April to October and wet season from November to March. The latter season attracts tropical cyclones and monsoon rains. Summers can be very wet and very hot. Winter temperature falls a little, still warm though, but relatively dry. Frost is non-existent in Darwin. Spring has very light rainfall and low humidity.

Getting around Darwin 

It’s easy to find places in Darwin and even easier to get around. You can choose to walk; just make sure to always wear a hat and bring water wherever you go. Walking is a great way to see the sights and there are brochures designed especially for this purpose. They outline places of interest and historical landmarks, and are available at certain spots around town. Moreover, there are guided walking tours available, with local guides who can usher you into Darwin’s colorful history and rich culture. You can also bike around; it can extend your range.

The buses will be able to take you almost everywhere, or you may prefer a taxi, private hire car, mini bus or you could even hire a bike. Buses are cheap and cover Darwin pretty extensively. Private cars offer maximum convenience. Renting a bicycle isn’t a bad option as well; it can widen your range and is actually pretty fun.

Things to Do

You will discover that Darwin has a very diverse culture and landscape due in large part to its vast area. Plan several days for Darwin. Mingle with the locals and tourists within the city bounds. Before you explore the outback, saunter to the nearby points of attraction. Darwin has lots to offer in the city, as well as beyond, take a sample of each.

1)  Get on the Wildlife Park and Eco Cruise

The combination of wildlife, waterways, and city sights is one experience you can’t forget soon. Get to bond with Northern Territory’s animals and Territory Wildlife Park’s avian creatures; take a cruise down Darin Harbor and Blackmore River, and catch a glimpse of Darwin’s historic sights on a guided tour.

2) Salt Water Crocodile Cage Diving

Crocodile Diving
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Get a face-to-face encounter with among the largest saltwater crocodiles in captivity. Grab a friend as you dive the “cage of death,” or if you’re not a faint of heart, go ahead and dive alone. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance you just can’t dare to pass up on.

3) 5-lap Darwin-NT V8 Race Car Driving Experience

The V8 race car driving experience has come to the Top End! Put on your race suit, strap into the drivers seat next to your in-car instructor and get set for five thrilling laps around the racetrack! A couple of laps in a V8 race car is enough to get anyone’s adrenalin pumping.

4) Full Day Katherine Gorge and Edith Falls Tour

Katherine Gorge is a network of 13 gorges carved from billion-year-old sandstone country by the Katherine River in Nitmiluk National Park. Join AAT Kings on a day tour, which will also include Edith Falls, Adelaide River War Cemetery, and Pine Creek.

5) Crocodile Feeding

Have you ever wanted to feed one of the earth’s most prehistoric creatures? This unique opportunity allows you to feed some of Australia’s largest Saltwater crocodiles as part of a one hour, fully guided tour through Darwin’s ultimate wildlife attraction!


Take advantage of Darwin’s wide acreage of parks and gardens. See The Top’s flora and fauna up close. There are countless water forms and land forms that will amaze you every day of your stay in Darwin. Take delight in all Darwin has to offer. This list is not exhaustive, but it’s a good start for you.

1) Bicentennial Park

Historical landmarks can be found in this park. Important gatherings are often hosted here, including festivals and some weddings. Meander or cycle along attractive promenades to the Lameroo Beach and the Doctor’s Gully where you can relax fish-feeding. This is accessible to the public with no charge.

Address: The Esplanade, City Business District, Darwin, Northern Territory

2) East Point Reserve

This is the largest, not to mention most accessible, recreation facility in the city and the suburbs of Darwin. It has a wide range of attractions and they are all free of charge or entry fees. This is a very relaxing landscaped environment, with picnic and salt-water swimming facilities, museums, monuments and military landmarks, and shaded seating for watching sunset and wallabies-feeding.

Address:  Alex Fong Lim Drive, East Point, Darwin, Northern Territory

3) Lake Alexander

This is a 8.6-acre seawater lake, with its water drawn from Fannie Bay. It is a very popular swimming and recreational venue for locals, especially in the summer months.

Address: Inside East Point Reserve, Darwin, Northern Territory

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