Five Most Scenic Highways in the United States

With a country as vast as the United States, it comes as no surprise why many of its residents find it rather exciting to spend even a week or two on the road. If cross-country road trips strike your fancy and you want to explore America like you’ve never done before, then get behind the wheel and prepare for a memorable drive along the most scenic highways in the United States. Here are five.

1) US 1, Florida Keys


Traversing 120 miles through the Florida Keys, the US 1 Highway is truly a sight to behold. It connects Florida’s most beautiful islands, ranging from Key West to Key Largo. Erected over the crystal-clear waters of the coast, the highway runs through the panoramic views of lighthouses and preserved coral reef parks. US 1 also leads to the 7-Mile Bridge, one of the longest viaducts of the world.

2) Hana Highway, Maui


Spanning 52 miles, the serpentine Hana Highway in Hawaii shows why many travelers opt to buy the souvenir shirt, “I survived the road to Hana.” After all, this four-hour drive, which commences from Kahului, features steep circuitous roads that lead to majestic sea views. While the drive through Hana Highway can sap your energy (or even leave you nauseous), you are sure to get your just reward once you reach the village of Hana. Here, you can go skinny dipping at a red sand beach and swim in the majestic Seven Sacred Pools.

 3) Route 12, Utah

highway 12 utah

Measuring 124 miles long, Route 12 is a road less traveled, as it only has several entry points. Located between the Bryce Canyon National Parks and the Capitol Reef, State Route 12 presents breathtaking views of Utah’s Red Rocks. Despite being cut off from the rest of the country, this Utah interstate offers a scenic experience for those willing to navigate with a map. It serves as a gateway to eons-old sandstone canyons, as well as a death-defying ridgeline thoroughfare known to locals as the “Hogback.”

 4) Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

Kancamagus Highway

If you are looking for an adventurous cross-country journey, then driving along New Hampshire’s Kancamagus Highway is an experience you won’t soon forget. Spanning 36 miles, this interstate dissects through the White Mountain – one of the foremost havens for outdoorsy souls. Kancamagus provides lovely views of the paramount, with colors that change with the season. Red-orange canopies cover the tree-lined highway area during autumn, while beautiful wood anemones and yellow violets await to mesmerize you every spring.

 5) Highway 101, Oregon

pacific-oregon-highway 101

Splendid beach scenes – this is just one of the many things you can soak your senses in along Highway 101 in Oregon. Covering 300+ miles of seaside views, this interstate offers awe-inspiring sights of sea cliffs set amid the pastoral towns of sleepy Oregon. Apart from such superb panorama, Highway 101 boasts a prehistoric saga unlike any other. Make sure to schedule a stop at the roadside Prehistoric Garden, where you can have your pictures taken among the life-size replicas of the tyrannosaurus rex.

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