10 Best Exotic Wedding Locations

Wedding locations have now gotten increasingly diverse as international travel has also become more and more accessible and affordable. Finally, you no longer need to confine yourself to your local church or registry office, as you now have plenty of options and packages to choose from. If you’re eyeing to tie the knot in a distant location backdropped with a beautiful landscape or a turquoise beach, under a canopy of stars or the shimmering sun, your choices are endless. Here are 10 of the world’s best exotic wedding locations, each promising to make your and your guests’ experience worth cherishing.

1) Santorini Island, Greece

If you want to add some Mediterranean “spice” to your wedding experience, then how about exchanging your “I Dos” in the Santorini Island in Greece? The perfect marriage of natural and man-made beauty the island exudes is ideal for an intimate romantic setting. Whether you want to celebrate it in an exclusive villa, on the shore of the Aegean Sea, in a charming little village, or at the top of its majestic cliff, the venue choices are infinite. To keep the Greek tradition alive, go for a white and blue motif!

2) Angsana Velavaru, Maldives

Boasting an ingeniously-designed, coconut leaf thatched-roofed wedding chapel that floats on the water, Angsana Velavaru provides couples with a venue conducive to a solemn ceremony. But that’s not all there is, for you have two other choices to celebrate your love: under the water in a house reef or at a secluded island. Situated in the South Nilandhe Atoll in the island of Maldives, Angsana commits to ensuring its guests a luxurious, well-pampered stay and the most scrumptious wedding feast.

3) Bali, Indonesia

If you want to have a view of the timeless depths of the Indian Ocean as you exchange vows with your partner, then Bali is your place to be. The crown jewel of Indonesia, Bali offers a wide variety of choices for that wedding of a lifetime, and at the same time, a chance to get mesmerized in its natural beauty, and the inherent grace and warm hospitality of its people.

4) Ravello, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Picture your wedding on this gorgeous coastal region, on top of a terrace overlooking the beautiful hillside buildings, rustic towns and a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. Ravello, a romantic town perched on top of the Amalfi Coast, is Italy’s most glamorous seaside wedding getaway that’s known for its centuries-old church, relaxing scenery, authentic restaurants, and great music, which sets the mood for merry drinking and laughter. If you’re planning to have the ultimate Italian wedding, better have it here.

5) Maui, Hawaii

Five-star resorts, world-famous surf, white sandy beaches, and fancy island activities are just a few reasons why Maui is one of the world’s exotic wedding and honeymoon destinations. You can have your wedding on a beautiful landscaped garden that overlooks the vast blue waters of the Pacific. With so many things that this island getaway has to offer, who needs to spend their honeymoon elsewhere? If you plan to tie the knot here, you might as well make it a weeklong affair.

6) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro offers a gamut of spectacular wedding venues that you may find it difficult to pick one over another. Whether it’s a fabulous hotel, a scenic seaside chapel, or a trendy eco-resort, there is definitely something for every discerning couple. For a truly memorable post-wedding affair, check out the carnival parade schedule all year round. Grab your spouse’s hand and invite your guests to enjoy the beautiful city afterwards!

7) Nairobi, Kenya

The weather in Nairobi is just perfect for a matrimonial ceremony on a luxurious, exclusive tent camp. Because weddings here are open occasions, they are always festive and enticing. It’s a norm in this place in the world to have many tents for weddings: one for the bride, three for the wedding guests, one for the cake, and one for foods and gifts, where the space for each tent is big enough for a dance floor!

8) Ras Nungwi, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Ras Nungwi is the ultimate beach wedding venue that turns a small, simple ceremony into a unique lifetime memory. Located 25 to 50 kilometers off the coast of East Africa, this serene resort is complemented by the surrounding turquoise ocean and white sands. The wedding is usually held in a wood-framed marquee decorated by brightly colored flowers that turn this intimate occasion into a paradisiacal event. The hotel’s Ubora Restaurant and Bar offers a wide range of sumptuous canapés and cocktails that suit any beach reception, while the Ocean Suite provides a glamorous and private retreat for the couple’s honeymoon.

9) Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, New Zealand

You can never get a wedding as one-of-a-kind as a heli-wedding, and there’s no better place to do it than Aoraki Mount Cook, New Zealand. Couples who venture into Aoraki can surely appreciate the beauty of New Zealand’s highest peak, which is 7,600 feet above sea level. This is a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity to have your intimate ceremony and pictures taken amid the majestic scenery of the Southern Alps. It’s a huge effort going here: it stands to reason why a wedding photograph taken in this mountain peak is a priceless souvenir.

10) Zoetry Agua, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A quintessential desert-island resort located at Playa de Uvero Alto, on the striking northeastern part of the Dominican Republic, Zoetry Agua Resort in Punta Cana offers a wide range of al-fresco wedding places, lavish suites, and a luxurious spa all to make that wedding of your dreams a reality. Feel free to wander barefoot along its white-sand, palm-fringed beach, as you build memories of love to last till eternity.

If matches are really in made in heaven, then there’s no reason why you won’t make your wedding an exquisite everlasting affair. Make your wedding the getaway of a lifetime and shake up your guests’ expectations with the best exotic wedding destinations listed above. If you can afford it, why not? After all, you only get married once (hopefully).

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