Want to Live in an Igloo? Try Tiny Geodesic Domes

Last week we wrote about the woman who built her own mobile tiny house after her foreclosure and divorce.  This week, we are featuring another small house concept that is pretty cool.  It’s more of an igloo than it is a house.  This small geodesic dome is located in Iglu-Dorf, which are small igloo villages/neighborhoods located in Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, and Germany.  The dome below is built by Pacific Domes and is located in Zermatt, Switzerland.

geodesic dome tiny 4 geodesic dome tiny 3 geodesic dome tiny 2 geodesic dome tiny 1

If you want to stay overnight at one of these domes, it will be around the price of a 3.5-star hotel for a standard igloo.  However, if you want an igloo with all the amenities, look to pay up to what you typically would for a 4.5 star hotel.  I have not been to one but I would love to check one soon.  If you want to have a geodesic dome to live in for yourself, look to spend about  at least $60,000 to $100,000 on a dome home.  It will cost more with more options and if you want to outsource all of the construction.  However much you spend on it though, there is no ignoring the savings you will get from electric and heating costs.

Source: Tiny House Swoon

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