The Amazon Rainforest Travel Guide

6) Go on a Canopy Tour

Canopy tours are another exhilarating activity in the Amazon Rainforest. Canopy tours involve climbing to the tops of trees high off the jungle floor and moving from canopy to canopy via suspended rope bridges or zip lines. This is a fun way to see the rainforest and its wildlife from an elevated perspective. Imagine something out of an Indiana Jones movie in terms of clambering from one tree-top to another. Not only do canopy tours offer a cool way to traverse the jungle, but they also eliminate much of the impact on the environment

7) Fishing

Fishing in the Amazon is quite peculiar. This is because the kind of fishing activity you will be engaging in is piranha fishing. This activity is a part of many tours or can be done separately. People willing to try something new can delight themselves by eating their catch and welcoming the unique flavor. Just remember to watch your fingers!

Top Attractions

Not only does the Amazon Rainforest provide shelter to a myriad species of flora and fauna; it is also home to 400 indigenous tribes, practicing ancient ways of life unchanged over thousands of years. With an untouched natural beauty, this mighty rainforest offers visitors numerous attractions from which to choose. You may not have all the time in the world to see the following attractions, but at least, make time to see the majority of them.

1) Teatro Amazonas

Teatro Amazonas
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A staple of Manuas, the city buried in the Amazon, is this opera house. Its neoclassic architectural style makes this building stand out from any other. Teatro Amazonas was built in 1896, in the intent to replicate the beauty of “Le Grand Opera de Paris”. Guided tours of this beautiful building are available Fridays and Saturdays. Teatro Amazonas also hosts performances during the evenings.

Address: Praça do Congresso  Manaus 69025-140

2) Ponta Negra Beach

Ponta Negra, the most popular fresh-water beach, stands in the outline of Rio Negro (the black river) about 13 km from downtown Manuas. The beach is known for its natural beauty and fine sand. A major plus of this beach is the great nightlife and matchless sunsets. Several restaurants stand in Ponta Negra, as well as some beach volleyball courts, an amphitheater, a playground and some bars.

3) Lago Janauari Ecological Park

An our away from the city, this ecological park features magnificent flooded and dry forests. You can tour the area in a boat and get the opportunity to see many animals birds and plants, like the very famous Victoria Regia Water Lilies.

4) Adolpho Duke Botanical Garden

You can’t miss visiting Adolpho Duke Botanical Garden, the largest botanical Garden in the world. Guided tours are available to explore the inmense garden that is close in location to the Lago Janauari Ecological Park.

5) City of Manaus

In the Amazonas Forest you can find the city of Manuas, where the adventures of nature and the buzzing of city life come together to form a thrilling experience. Manuas is the home of many restaurants and bars, a picturesque port, shopping, cultural activities, museums and a vibrant nightlife. Hotels and the local market are also located here.

6) Meeting of the Waters

The meeting of the waters is the point where the dark water of Rio Negro clash into the light clay waters of Rio Solimoes, forming the Amazon River. It is in fact, one of the most amazing spectacles that nature has to offer.

7) The Zoo

The Manaus CIGS Zoo features around 300 species captured by soldiers from the rainforest. Reserve two hours of your day to completely tour this very unique zoo.

8) Amazon River

Amazon River
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Known as the world’s largest river, the Amazon River is a sight to behold, streaming about 8 trillion gallons of fresh water into the ocean a day, holding 20% of the fresh water in the world, and flowing for 4,007 miles from the top of the Peruvian Andean Mountains into the Atlantic Ocean. If you want to see a variety of fish species and even pink bottle-nose dolphins, you can’t miss sailing your way down the Amazon River.

Where to Eat

Indulge your appetite on delicious Brazilian fares and get panoramic views of the Amazon both at the same time. Many of the restaurants along the Amazon are perched above the forest. Expect to enjoy authentic Brazilian-style dining and mouthwatering regional cuisine, mostly served buffet style, in these spots.

1) Restaurante Giratorio

This revolving restaurant stands on top of the Taj Majal hotel. You can’t get such a good meal along with such an impressive view anywhere else in the Amazon! And as the whole restaurant spins very slowly, you get to check out the city of Manaus– and of the Amazon–from every angle. Food prices range from USD 18 to USD 45 per serving.

Address: Av Getúlio Vargas 741 Taj Mahal Continental Hotel, Manaus, Estado de Amazonas, Brazil.

2) Buffalo Churrascaria

If you are not willing to splurge but still want a great meal, give this place a try. All you can eat meat, a salad bar and a pasta bar guarantee to fill you up and please your taste buds. Food prices start at USD 10.

Address: Av. Joaquim Nabuco 628. Manaus, Estado de Amazonas

3) Cafeteria do Largo

Cafeteria do largo is a food boutique serving the most intricate and delicious tapas-like appetizers. The food here adheres to Amazonian tradition with a unique take and is bound to delight you whether you are having lunch, dinner, or dessert. Main courses range from USD 1.80 to USD 8.

Address: Praça São Sebastião. Manuas, Estado de Amazonas

Where to Stay

As remote the place may seem, the Amazon Rainforest offers a variety of decent accommodation options, addressing all types of travelers– the squeamish, the frugal, the adventurous, and the extravagant. There are hotels that enable you to see the forest at a distance without having to plunge into the forest, while there are those that are nestled right in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest itself. Whichever type of traveler you are, check the places out in this list.

1) Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

The Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge has exotic bungalows ideal for relaxation. The lodge offers its own jungle tours with many kinds of activities including piranha fishing, exploration and canoeing. This option offers great meals and a magnificent pool to take a break from the humid heat that never stops on the Amazon. The service is great and the staff is very friendly.

Address: Av. Eduardo Ribeiro, 520, Sala 304, Novo Airao

2) Tropical Hotel Manaus

It is impossible to get bored when staying at Tropical Hotel Manaus, being the largest hotel in the city. The hotel’s facilities include a spacious pool, a turtle reserve, tennis courts, an in-pool bar, a restaurant known for it’s great food, and even a mini zoo! The best thing about its location is that it is right on the Rio Negro, just a step away from the natural wonders of the jungle. The price per night is about 200 dollars during the summer.

Address: Av. Coronel Teixeira, 1320, Ponta Negra, Manaus

3) Chez les Rois

The facilities include a beautiful pool and comfortable rooms. The cherry on top of this option is the great service, helpful staff, and delicious breakfast. The owner and employees are always eager to recommend the best touristic tours.

Address: Travessa dos Cristais, Quadra G, N0 1, Conj. Manauense – Bairro Nossa Senhora Das Graças, Manaus

4) Juma Amazon Lodge

Beautiful and spacious bungalows standing at the Juma lake are just a glimpse of what the Juma Amazon Lodge has to offer. The hotel offers its own tours, expeditions and jungle adventures with experienced guides. Survival courses are also available. Many species live here and monkeys even go to feed at the hotel. The lodge is truthfully a community since meals are served as a group and tour guides join you in every meal. The rooms are spacious but stick to the natural and the water you bathe with is drawn out of the lake. If you are looking for the real Amazon experience, you can’t go wrong here.

Address: Av. Eduardo Ribeiro, N0 520 Sala 1210, Autazes, Estado de Amazonas 69010001

Unequivocally, the quintessential experiences the Amazon Rainforest brings to its visitors are more sublime than they are superlative. There are many travelers who say that they left the place underwhelmed, having anticipated Nat Geo-like encounters with fabled exotic animals like anacondas and spear-throwing Indians. Surprise, surprise– it’s actually the little things about this legendary rainforest that make it so special. So set aside those expectations, give the Amazon time to unfold its own mystery by itself, and it will never fail to impress.


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