10 Best Infinity Pools in the World

6) Katikies Hotel


Infinite views of the blue Aegean Sea and the Caldera basin – enjoy this sweeping vista while taking a dip in this boutique hotel’s infinity pools. After enjoying the sight of blue domes and white washed buildings, settle for your favorite tea and languidly glide to the vanishing edge of the pool. Isn’t Santorini just perfect from where you are perched?

Address: Oia, Santorini, Greece

7) Ubud Hanging Gardens


Cool waters with edges that plunge parallel to the neighboring lush mountains and cliffs – these are the infinity pools of Ubud Hanging Gardens Resort. The infinity pools are constructed in two levels that will allow you to appreciate the surrounding rainforest at different elevations. Every room in the Balinese resort has its own horizon-edge pool. Experience this tropical paradise and its culture-rich architecture.

Address: Desa Buahan, Payangan, Bali, Indonesia

8) Cambrian Adelboden Hotel

cambrian hotel infinity pool

If you think that infinity pools are ideal only in temperate and tropical settings, this one will prove you wrong. The Cambrian Adelboden Hotel in Switzerland provides an impressive view of snow-covered Alps from the outdoor infinity pool that sits high on the slopes. It is great for taking a relaxing dip after a strenuous activity of skiing or hiking.

Address: Adelboden, Switzerland

9) Hilton Curaçao Resort

Hilton-Curacao-Resort infinity pool

Visit Piscadera Bay and stay at Hilton Curaçao Resort. Enjoy the proximity of a major city and the idyllic ambiance of white-sand beaches. The island is proud of its culturally and historically rich heritage. It lays the backdrop for the resort’s picturesque views and magnificent amenities. Enjoy the secluded luxury of its infinity pool which winds naturally with the green landscape. The glassy surface reflects the colors of the skies, which varies with the time of day. The view seemingly extends to the ocean and is simply breathtaking.

Address: Willemstad, Curaçao

10) Cliffside Hot Springs and Natural Infinity Pools of Turkey


These are terraces of edgeless pools, which have yet to be replicated by man’s engineering prowess. Again, nature seems to be winning this contest because these natural infinity pools are simply amazing. The natural basins, called travertine, were carved from rocks. Flowing mineral water fills these basins to create nature’s contender to man’s vanishing edge pools. This was an ancient Roman spa, complete with hot springs, bubbly water, and mineral-rich mud. Feast with your eyes because the site is declared a World Heritage Site, and for its preservation, no one is allowed to swim in it anymore.

Address: Pamukkale, Turkey

Man simply loves to play with heights and expanse, and challenge boundaries. He races with nature to make his mark. His marks are usually indelible when he creates them in complement with nature.

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Marv Perez