Stonehenge Travel Guide

Prime Attractions

When you’re at the exact vicinity of the Stonehenge, you can’t help but take your feet and be mesmerized by the other attractions you can find just close to the very attraction itself. Check out the following places and prepare to tell a captivating story to your loved ones back home.

1) Stone Circle at the Stonehenge

Stonehenge Aerial View
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The stone circle is the major attraction at Stonehenge because it is usually portrayed as the prime location for the observance of religious, social, and astronomical events by Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors. The stone circle is considered to be sacred by participants to the annual solstice and equinox events, and regarded with wonder for its alignment with the sun and the key stone circle elements. No one is allowed to get into the inner circle during regular tour days. Special audio recordings are available to guide visitors through the paths. The entry fee is US$11 for adult visitors and US$7 for children.

2) The Stonehenge Cursus or the Greater Cursus

If you think you have been to the oldest artifact at Stonehenge by seeing the stone circle, you couldn’t be more wrong because there is an even older relic. The Stonehenge Cursus, dated around 3600 BC (built or erected in the Neolithic Age), is located 0.43 mile north of the Stonehenge parking area and easily accessible through the bridleway. It is free to tour the monument of the Greater Cursus.

3) The Durrington Walls

Stroll through prehistoric times in what is believed to be the home of Neolithic Age human beings. Durrington Walls was a community of probably several thousands of prehistoric humans, located 2 miles northeast of the Stonehenge and just north of Amesbury.

4) The Woodhenge

You are may be wrong to presume that the Stonehenge landscape only offers stone artifacts because our prehistoric ancestors clearly used wood and timber in their daily life. The specific purpose of the circular layout of wood henge and timber is still unclear up to this time. It is located 2 miles from the stone circle of the Stonehenge in the parish of Durrington.

5) The Avebury Stone Circle

If time permits, you may decide to visit a related site to Stonehenge which is the Avebury Stone Circle. It was built around the same period as the Stonehenge. The Avebury Stone Circle, although less popular, is actually larger than the Stonehenge.  Located in Wiltshire Downs west of Marlborough, it comprises of big rocks laid out in a perfect circular shape with a ditch and two avenues. Admission is free.

6) The English Heritage Shop

A travel may not be complete without souvenirs to remember the trip by. Because Stonehenge is a strictly protected heritage site, only the English Heritage offers special souvenirs (from keepsakes to display items) from the tour. Buy your official and original souvenirs from the English Heritage Shop which could range from craftworks to books and DVDs with prices from US$8 to over US$60.

Where to Eat

Getting a good meal is in order after an exhausting walk around the Stonehenge. Despite the long distances between structures, there are a number of restaurants close to Stonehenge. Listed here are dining places and breakfast kitchens you can try.

1) The English Heritage Kitchen

Are you tired and just want to either grab a snack or quench your thirst? You may choose to visit the small kitchen by the English Heritage which is conveniently near the stone monuments. There is not much variety of food to choose from but the place is warm and convenient, and it could be just what you need.

Address: Stonehenge, Witlshire, England

2) Kingfisher Fish and Chips and Takeaway

You are visiting England and there is no reason to miss the traditional English fish and chips. Kingfisher definitely does not only offer fish and chips on their menu, but also a number of delectable seafood dishes which you may opt to eat in the restaurant or take out when you are in a hurry. The award-winning restaurant is located on Bulfurd Road at Durrington with takeaway main course menu starting from US$9.

Address: Bulfurd Road, Durrington, England

3) Amesbury Chippy

Don’t ever miss the delectable chips offered by the Amesbury Chippy at an affordable price. This chips station is open from 11am to 11pm.

Address: 7 Flower Lane, Salisbury, England

4) The Slug and Lettuce

The Slug and Lettuce offers almost all kind of dishes from pastas to curries and burgers at a very affordable price with main courses offered only at US$9.

Address: 12-14 Fisherton Street, Salisbury, England

5) Prezzo Salisbury

Your craving for Italian dish may be satisfied by Prezzo with its affordable pizza and pasta of various kinds. This branch is only among the 150 branches of Prezzo in England.

Address: at 52 High Street, Salisbury, England

Where to Stay

Getting the best experience from the Stonehenge Tour will never be complete without the pleasant amenities provided by different hotels and inns along the Stonehenge Road and nearby towns. Try and experience the classic English accommodations in these countryside inns, hotels and lodges.

1) Mandalay Guest House

Do you need to be early for the traditional summer solstice sunrise experience and would never want to be late for that once-in-a-lifetime experience? Make sure that you reserve a lovely room at the fantasy-inspired Mandalay Guest House which is only 1.6 miles away from the Stonehenge. Prices start at US$97 a night.

Address: 15 Stonehenge Road, Amesbury SP4 7BA, England

2) Travelodge Amesbury Stonehenge

This is a very affordable, clean, and well-maintained lodging for tourists on a tight budget because a double-bed room only costs US$71 a night. The rooms are fully functional with sufficient space for all your baggage and the outdoor area is large enough to accommodate tourists’ cars.

Address: A303, Countess Services, Amesbury SP4 7AS, England (1.9 miles away from Stonehenge)

3) Melbury House

With the traditional English interior design, this inn may be the best place to stay for the ultimate experience of England. Set on a very peaceful location coupled with a cheap accommodation that starts at US$52, the Melbury House is perfect for all tourists who want to get the most value out of their pockets.

Address: 46 Stonehenge Road, Durrington SP4 8BP, England (2.4 miles from Stonehenge)

4) Holiday Inn Salisbury Stonehenge

The Holiday Inn global tradition of offering comfort at its best is continually exemplified by its branch in Salisbury.  The contemporary building offers guests with elegant rooms, extra-soft mattresses, world-class facilities, and heavenly dishes. Accommodation per night starts at US$95.

Address: Midsummer Place, Solstice Park, Amesbury SP4 7SQ, England (2.7 miles away from Stonehenge)

5) Rollestone Manor

An English paradise surrounded by a large picturesque garden landscape, the Rollestone Manor could be the most sensational place to relax after an exhausting tour at Stonehenge. The rooms are spacious, each remarkably designed with ornate pieces. Room rate starts at US$126 per night.

Address: Rollestone Road, Shrewton SP3 4HF, England (3.1 miles from Stonehenge)

6) The Antrobus Arms Hotel

This is an old hotel with clean and cozy modernized rooms. The native ambiance exudes of traditionally warm English hospitality. Room rate starts at US$104 per night.

Address: 15 Church Street, Amesbury SP4 7EU, England (2 miles away from Stonehenge)

Every touring destination has its own magnet that pulls you toward it. Perhaps, the Stonehenge’s magnet lies in its enigma – that thing that you can’t quite put your finger on. It inspires you to ask questions and delve deeper into what is laid before you. It emboldens you to think of the big universe, bigger than the world you temporarily left behind.

The Stonehenge is not only a destination; it is a walk to prehistory. And while you are at your mental calisthenics, you can also visit the daintily-painted towns and explore the classic English charm. Bon voyage on your thought-provoking tour!

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