Bermuda Travel Guide

4) The Crystal and Fantasy Caves

A sight you simply can’t pass up on, the Crystal and Fantasy Caves in Bermuda are among the most visited attractions in the island. Each cave is embellished with deep pools of water and jewel-like crystal clusters that are formed in the ceilings. You can cross a bridge over the underground lake that is 55 feet deep. The caves are open to the public from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Entrance fee is around USD 20. Address: 8 Crystal Caves Road, Hamilton Parish

5)  Sea Glass Beach

A lesser-known attraction of Bermuda is its magnificent sea glass beach, which many think of as the island’s hidden treasure. Though hard to reach, this beach is one of a kind, as it is adorned with pieces of sea glass of multiple colors. Address: Corner of Cochran and Malibar Road | Sandy’s Parish

6) Port Royal Golf Club

If you are looking to enjoy some golfing, make sure to visit the Port Royal Golf Club, frequently referred to as a challenging course. What makes this golf course truthfully a must-see is its breathtaking views of the ocean. Golf in Bermuda is a popular sport and is played year round. The island is home to some of the best golf courses in the world, created by famous architects. To fully enjoy your experience avoid traveling during high season since the course is very likely to get crowded. This course has 18 holes, the 16th being the most challenging. Address: 5 Port Royal Drive, SB 03

7) Warwick Long Bay Beach

To explore a beautiful coral reef, you must go to Warwick Long Bay Beach, where you can also have a picnic, or go swimming or horseback riding. It is known for its serene milieu, with soft, white sands and vivid-blue waters. Address: South Road, South Shore Park

8) The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

There is also a great opportunity for art in the island. You can explore a part of it in the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, which houses more than 1,200 works and where a constantly-changing exhibit is created by local artists. The admission fee is just USD5 and children under the age of 12 can visit for free. The lush green of the Botanical Gardens, which you can visit for free, surrounds the museum. Address: Botanical Gardens, 183 South Road, DV02

9) The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

The Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo is enough to keep you busy for the day, offering diverse activities and a chance to explore the wonders of the Caribbean. Let yourself relax by watching the fish and take your time from exhibit to exhibit. Ticket price is USD 10. Address: 40 North Shore Road, FL04

10) St. Peter’s Church

A must see is the St. Peter’s Church, which is beautiful in its architecture and rich in its history. The adjacent graveyard is also open for the public to explore. Address: Duke of York St., St. George

Where to Eat

There are more than 100 restaurants on the islands presenting you a wide range of options: from Italian and French cuisine to seafood and everything in between. Delight yourself with classic Bermudian cuisine, which include lobster, fish chowder, wahoo steaks, black eyed peas and rice, and even rum cake. Here are great spots to enjoy these mouth-watering fares.

1) Waterloo House

Waterloo offers delicious Bermudian food and candlelit dinner in an English-like setting. Lunch here is around USD 15 and dinner is around USD 30. Believe your eyes– the prices are very friendly. Address: Hamilton

2) White Horse Pub and Restaurant

This pub is one of the oldest in Bermuda and also one of the best. They have a wide selection of seafood, salads, and healthy options, among others. Breakfast here starts at 9 a.m. The pub offers one of the largest menus of drink. During the summer time, it counts with an outside bar. Food price ranges from USD 15 to USD 40. Address: 8 Kings Square, St. George GE 05

3) Swizzle Inn Bermuda

Craving for some shepherd’s pie? Then head out to the Swizzle Inn, which is also the creator of the signature drink “The Rum Swizzle.” The Swizzle Inn offers British and traditional Bermudian cuisine– guaranteed great-tasting food at a local price. It is common to write on this pubs walls, with signatures dating back to the 40s. Food price would amount to USD 30 per meal. Address: 3 Blue Hole Hill, Baileys Bay, CR 04

4) Mad Hatters

Mad Hatters is a restaurant famous for its quality and taste–eating here guarantees nothing a great meal. Mad Hatters serves European cuisine with a Thai and American influence. In the evenings, guests wear colorful hats, creating a festive atmosphere. Food price ranges from USD 21 to USD 42. Address: 22 Richmond Rd, Hamilton HM08

5) The Pastry Shop

If you are looking for something homemade, visit The Pastry Shop that offers homemade meals and delicious pastries and sweets. It is the perfect place to grab a light lunch for an affordable price or to treat yourself with dessert. Address: 12 Dockyard Terrace, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys, MA 01

Where to Stay

Bermuda Hotel
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Even the cheapest hotels in Bermuda start at USD100 a night, however, it is possible to find a place that offers great value for your money. Luxury or economical accommodations, Bermuda has more than a handful of options to offer. Take your pick and get the best deals from the places on this list.

1) Salt Kettle House Bermuda

An excellent option is Salt Kettle House Bermuda, a bed and breakfast with an outstanding personal service. The owner helps the guests plan out their days and friendly serves drinks. This warm and welcoming B&B waterside cottages, bedrooms, kitchens, area to fish, a barbecue grill and even a hammock. Breakfast at Salt Kettle House is either British or continental and is included in room rates. Cottage rates start at USD 95 a night. Address: 10 Salt Kettle Road, PG 01

2) 9 Beaches Resort Bermuda

Another option that can suit not only your budget but also the world’s ecological demands is 9 Beaches Resort Bermuda. The resort has 84 cabanas resting on stilts, providing guests with an unbeatable ocean view. Each cabana has wooden deck floor, small bathroom, a veranda, a bed and a futon, a refrigerator, coffee maker, a table and two chairs. Some cabanas a re built over the water. Facilities include a restaurant “Hi-Tide” open for breakfast and dinner and a beach bar and grill open for lunch. Bikes and scooters are available. The resort has a private pool and gym facilities and Internet access. Room rate starts at USD 294 per night. Address: 4 Daniels Head Rd, MA BX

3) Greenbank Guesthouse and Cottages

Greenbank Guesthouse and Cottages is an alternative that won’t leave your wallet empty. Located at the water’s edge, the cottages and the guesthouse are comfortable and welcoming. It’s gardens and lawns are sights ideal for sunbathing. The main building is historic and the cottages are each equipped with a kitchenette and porche. They include a table and chairs, toasters, coffeemakers, and refrigerators. Each room has a private bathroom and telephones. Several types of beds are available. A couple of rooms don’t have a kitchenette, but to make up for it the Greenbank Guesthouse serves a continental breakfast. The cost is about USD 130 a night but could increase in the high season. Address: 17 Salt Kettle Rd., PG BX

4) Pompano Beach Club

Pompano Beach Club is the luxury resort that is the most popular among golfers due to its proximity to the Port Royal Golf Course. It has a large private beach and pool, and even has three onsite restaurants. Facilities include a spa, four tennis courts, poolside Jacuzzis, and a health club. They even have a watersports center! Rates start at USD 300 a night. Address: 36 Pompano Beach Road, SB 03

5) Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda

If you are willing to splurge (paying more than USD 500 a night on a peak season), then book a room at Fairmont Southampton Hotel Bermuda. One of the top hotels, the hotel is surrounded by gardens and its own golf course. It also has a private beach club, resort pool, bar, restaurant, spa pool with waterfalls, health club and other amenities. Address: 101 South Shore Road, SN02 “You go to heaven if you want – I’d rather stay here in Bermuda.” Whatever Mark Twain had in mind when he said this most probably has something to do with Bermuda’s promises of sun and sea. If you’re yearning for some peace and quiet, Bermuda has a long list of resorts to soothe your soul. Or perhaps you just feel the need to let loose; jump on a scooter and let the Bermuda breeze whip through your hair. The island is truly living up to its promise– no wonder Hollywood celebrities and some of the world’s famous billionaires call it their home.

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