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Tips for Pompeii Travel

Underneath the accumulation of hardened ash and pumice of a two-millennia-old cataclysm lies a city impeccably preserved, whetting the imagination and sending shivers down the spine of even the most simple-minded visitor. Pompeii, over the centuries, has turned into a living museum than merely an excavation site since it was first discovered. Be among the […]

Churchill Travel Guide

Welcome to Churchill, where the beauty of nature blossoms and prevails amid extreme weather conditions. Catch a glimpse of polar bears in their natural habitat; the medley of colors from the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights); the high-pitched whistling of beluga whales (also fondly called “sea canaries”); and the rare gulls, wrens, and falcons of the […]

Barbados Travel Guide

Barbados is an island located in the West Indies in Lesser Antilles.  A protectorate of the British Commonwealth, it has gradually risen from its colonial past where widespread slave trade once viciously thrived.  With tourism on the upswing, it has now become one of the most progressive islands in the Caribbean islands.  Along the shoreline, […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro Travel Guide

The moniker “the roof of Africa” cannot be more befitting for Mt. Kilimanjaro. It boasts a snow-capped peak and rises majestically (at 19,336 ft) from farmed woodlands through rich tropical rainforest, into lush greeneries and moorlands. Your stride will only be interrupted by meandering elands, monkeys, buffalos, and leopards. Geography dominates with several ascents and descents, […]