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Salar De Uyuni Travel Tips

Quick Navigation Salar de Uyuni in a NutshellBest time to VisitGetting AroundSpecial EventsWhat to Do1) Have a picnic2) Explore a Salt Village3) Visit the Incahuasi Island4) Traverse the SalarTop Attractions1) Isla de los Pescados2) Uyuni Plaza Arce3) Termas de Polques Hot Springs4) Laguna ColoradaWhere to Eat1) Café de La Plata2) 40603) Phishqa Warmis4) Dona Eugenia5) El ManaWhere […]

Tips for Pompeii Travel

Quick Navigation Pompeii in a Nutshell Best Time to VisitClimateThings to Do1) Get Around2) Trek the Vesuvius3) Go to the Site of the Ruins4) Belt a Song on the Odeon or Theaters5) Visit Other Attractions of Pompeii6) Grab a SouvenirTop Attractions1) Mount Vesuvius2) Civil Forum3) Tempio di Apollo4) The Forum Baths5) Temple of Jupiter (Tempio di […]

Churchill Travel Guide

Quick Navigation Churchill in a NutshellBest Time to GoGetting AroundWhat to Do1) See the Polar Bears2) Visit the Whales3) Try Dog Sledding4) Be in Awe with the Spectacular Northern Lights5) Flock Where the Birds AreTop Attractions1) Eskimo Museum2) Churchill Northern Studies Centre3) Prince of Wales Fort4) St. Paul’s Anglican Church5) Wapusk National ParkWhere to Eat1) […]

Barbados Travel Guide

Quick Navigation Best Time to VisitClimateThings to Do1) Surf, surf, and surf!2) Swim and dive3) Study culture4) Turn green with the botanic gardens5) Try the local rum and foodTop Attractions1) Sunbury Plantation House2) Flower Forest, Andromeda Botanical Gardens3) Barbados Wildlife Reserve 4) Barbados Museum 5) Coastal Sightseeing6) Barbados Beach Day with Boat Trip and Shipwreck Snorkel Adventure7) […]

Mt. Kilimanjaro Travel Guide

Quick Navigation Kilimanjaro in a NutshellBest Time to VisitClimateThings to Do1) Meet the Indigenous Peoples Living in Kilimanjaro2) Join Day Hikes to Shira Plateau3) Visit Chala Crater Lake4) Join Safaris to Acclimatize before the Big Climb5) Conquer the SummitTop Attractions1) Maasai and Chagga tribes2) Lake Chala3) Kinukamori Waterfalls4) Lemosho Glades5) Machame Route6) Shira Plateau7) Barranco […]