This Happens When A Woman Gets Sick Of Divorce And Mortgages. And It’s Brilliant.

Macy Miller is an architect from Idaho that had a big dream to build a tiny house. She had always wanted a place of her own, but the thought of a mortgage sickened her after she lost her home to foreclosure after getting divorced. So, her dream revolved around building a compact, but beautiful home. For two years, Macy worked on the 196 square-foot home, dedicating her free time to building the small paradise. Finally, construction has finished on her little hideaway… and it’s hard not to be jealous of this place, no matter how small it looks on the outside. After all, it only cost about $11,000.

Macy Miller didn’t have a lot of experience with construction, but she was willing to learn.

tiny-house 1

It took her years but she was working on making her dreams come true.

tiny-house 2

So she didn’t give up.

tiny-house 4

She found her extra motivation after her divorce.

tiny-house 5

…not to mention the foreclosure on her home.

tiny-house 6

She never gave up on making her Tiny House a reality and avoid mortgages forever.

tiny-house 7

So she persisted.

tiny house 8

The most expensive part of building the house was the toilet, which cost $2,000.

tiny-house 9

She did all the wiring in the house herself.

tiny-house 10

While building the house, she fell off the roof and broke her back.

tiny-house 11

But nothing could stop her.

tiny-house 12

The Tiny House is eco-friendly.

tiny-house 13

It is built to be super-efficient; every bit of space is used.

tiny-house 15 tiny-house 14

The house is gorgeous from the outside in.

tiny-house 16 tiny-house 17

The best part?  She built it on a flatbed so she can take it anywhere she wants.

tiny-house 18

Her freedom.

tiny-house 19


Achieving this after going through a divorce, a foreclosure, and a broken back, we can’t help but be impressed.


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