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What To Do

You’ll never run short of things to do in the Isle of Man. So on your vacation, don’t miss out on these action-packed activities and take the time to unleash your adventurous spirit!

1) Go to a TT Race

TT Race

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Isle of Man’s challenging roads and driveways make it the best destination for motorsports, pecifically the TT races. Witness the world’s best motorists as they conquer the obstacles of the 37 ¾ mile Mountain Course.

2) Try Coasteering

Coasteering is the adrenaline-pumping sport of traversing through the Isle of Man’s rocky coastlines. While this is not recommended for the faint of heart, it is guaranteed to give you an experience you will never quite forget.

3) Go Cycling or Mountain Biking

Immerse your senses in the fantastic panoramas of the island by heading out on a cycling/mountain biking trip to any of Isle of Man’s biking trails. Whether you are an amateur or a full-fledged cyclist, there is a trail that can satisfy your appetite for challenge.

Top Attractions

The Isle of Man features plenty of great destinations. But if your travel time in the island is limited, then it is but necessary that you visit the Isle of Man’s top attractions, which are the following:

1) Lady Isabella Laxey Wheel

Built in 1854, the Lady Isabella Laxey Wheel is the world’s biggest functioning waterwheel. Standing over 72 feet high, it was originally designed to pump water from Glen Mooar. When you visit this 150-year old marvel of Victorian engineering, you will have the opportunity to see how it works. After that, make sure to climb its apex in order to enjoy stunning views of the island.

Address: Wheel Hill, Mines Road, Laxey

2) Douglas

Douglas, the capital of the Isle of Man, is a thriving center where you can enjoy seaside accommodations, fine food, and so much more. The two-mile bay features a wide array of fun activities, from horse tram rides to electric tram journeys.

Address: Douglas (East Coast), Isle of Man

3) Calf of Man

Located at the southern tip of the Isle of Man is one the land’s most beautiful points: the Calf of Man. While it is full of splendor, it has been the location of many sea tragedies. While the strong currents have spelled doom for these sea vessels, these sunken ships are considered goldmines by diving folk. Every year, vessels that have settled on the bottom of the Calf of Man attract countless divers in search of unique underwater trips.

Address: Southernmost tip of the Isle of Man

4) Castle Rushen

Castle Rushen is an impressive fortress located in Castletown, the ancient capital of the Isle of Mann. Built in 1265, the fortress has played home to generations of royalties who governed the island for centuries.Formerly a mint and a prison, Castle Rushen is now a museum that attracts hundreds of tourists everyday. Here, you can find realistic wax figures of Bishop Wilson, as well as the former kings and queens of the Isle of Man. While the castle tour is an exhilarating experience in itself, you can gauge how gutsy you are (if you dare) by signing up for the Castle Rushen Ghost Tour.

Address: Town Center, Castletown, Isle of Man

5) The Manx Museum

Experience the best of everything that Isle of Man has to offer by dropping by the world-famous Manx Museum. Here, you can find historic Viking relics, wartime memorabilia, TT race souvenirs and rare wonders from the ancient world. Unlike most galleries, the Manx Museum offers numerous arrays of exhibits, from films to interesting interactive displays.Don’t forget to drop by the museum’s in-house National Art Gallery, where you can revel in the works of notable painters such as William Hoggat, Archibald Knox and John Miller Nicholson.

Address: Kingswood Grove, Douglas, Isle of Man


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