10 Amazing Pictures of the Sydney Harbour

The Sydney Harbour is one of the most impressive architectural feats of modern society.  The dramatic view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with the Sydney Opera House in the foreground is an iconic image that represents the modern beauty and attraction of Australia.  The following are 10 breathtaking pictures of the Sydney Harbour.  Don’t forget to share this gallery on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter!

1)Sydney Harbour At the center of the image is the grand Sydney Opera House.

2)sydney-harbor-bridge-800pxThe Syndey Harbour on a beautiful night, captured by National Geographic.

3)Vivid Sydney Festival Illuminates The CityThey Sydney Opera House sails are illuminated on opening night of the 2011 Vivid Sydney Festival on May 27, 2011.


5)sydney harbour overlookA fantastic birdeye’s view of the Sydney Harbour during the day.

6)sydney bridge and opera houseA nighttime view of the Sydney Bridge with the Sydney Opera House on the left.  Notice the moon.

7)Photo credit: http://trekearth.com/ Amazing lights reflecting off the water.

8)sydney-harbour-bridge-nightscape Another majestic view of the Sydney Harbour at night.

9)sydney-harbour-bridge-171787-1600x900-2The Sydney Harbour bridge was lit up with LED lights for its yearly Vivid Sydney Festival.

10)Sydney Celebrates New Year's Eve The bridge showcasing a fantastic light show on New Years Eve.

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