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Angkor Archaeological Park Travel Guide

Angkor Monks

Exotic and impressive temples imitating mountain peaks, elaborate architecture that struggles against mammoth trees, and a mystical air that devours your attention – the Angkor Archaeological Park panorama affects you with such awe and amazement. Touted as Asia’s equivalent of Egypt’s Pyramids of Giza and Greece’s Parthenon, the ruins, which date back to 612 AD, […]

Cambodia Travel Tips

Quick Navigation Getting to and Around CambodiaThe Best Time to Visit CambodiaPopular Cities and Tourist Attractions in CambodiaSihanoukyvilleKampotBokor National Park (Preah Monivong National Park)Phnom PenhBattambangSiem ReapAngkor Archaeological ParkFresh SeafoodKoh Kong Conservation CorridorFamous Travel Tours in Cambodia With its untouched natural beauty presenting everything from lofty mountain peaks to virginal white sand beaches and green coastlines, […]