The Dead Sea Travel Guide

Where to Eat

Dining by the Dead Sea is mainly provided by the restaurants where tourists stay. Almost all hotels serve a wide range of cuisines ideal for international taste buds. Some tourists visiting the Dead Sea for a day tour bring along their own food. Hotels also welcome diners who are not staying in the hotel. We have scouted a few places in the area where one can enjoy a pleasant meal or refreshment, and here they are:

1) Aroma Café

This place is great with its light lunch menu of a sandwich or salad and an aromatic cup of coffee. There is nothing fancy about the place, just friendly and warm customer service and enjoyable meal. That certainly goes a long way for a tired and hungry customer. This is a perfect place to idle by with a newspaper while you take your coffee. Prices are very reasonable.

Address: Circular shopping center in the middle of Ein Bokek , Ein Bokek

2) Taj Mahal

Explore Middle Eastern cuisine in one of the Dead Sea’s most popular dining places. The dishes are cooked perfectly and the taste is authentic Middle Eastern. Don’t miss local Israeli recipes. The ambiance is perfect and the décors are interesting. Make sure to drink some mint tea, it’s their signature beverage.

Address: Tulip Inn Hotel Pool, Ein Bokek

3) Botanical Garden Restaurant

Find this oasis in the middle of the desert. This botanical garden has hundreds of carefully labeled plants that fill the surrounding with fresh air and amazing sights. The Dead Sea completes the view and easily makes one to forget the original intent in looking for this restaurant, which is to eat. This restaurant takes pride in its buffet of delicious, well-prepared and affordable food.

Address: Ein Gedi

Where to Stay

Hotels along the Dead Sea are either in Ein Bokek or in Ein Gedi. The Dead Sea has been synonymous with mineral-rich sea water and beneficial muds, hence, hotels carry along these themes in providing facilities and promoting their services. You will be surprised at how these hotels have expanded the idea of the Dead Sea’s natural spa to their man-made alternative. Take your pick from the list below.

1) Lot Spa Hotel

On one side there’s the vast Dead Sea and on the other side is the wide desert. Melt all knots and tensions with this middle-of-the-desert spa, complete with sulphur pools, Jacuzzi, sauna and heated pools. The services of the spa range from mud wrapping to beauty treatments and everything in between. Lest you forget, this is a hotel and not just a spa. Lot Spa Hotel offers elegant rooms, where you can choose one with a balcony and a view of either the sea or the desert. Room rate starts at USD250 a night.

Address: M.P. Ein Bokek, Ein Bokek

2) Isrotel Dead Sea Hotel and Spa

Attuned to the Dead Sea theme, Isrotel dedicates its facilities to wellness and relaxation. It has a fleet of therapists to assist your needs. Wellness facilities and spa include 21 treatment rooms, a gym, an outdoor and indoor Dead Sea pool, wet and dry saunas, sulfur pools and Jacuzzis. A wide variety of treatment combinations are offered; do try some so you won’t regret missing such an opportunity. You can enjoy the sea and the sun as much as it is comfortable and without baking under the heat. The hotel is just a few leisurely steps away where you can lounge in convenience. Two restaurants are situated near the beach. There are other attractions nearby which you can also visit.

Address: Ein Bokek, Ein Bokek

3) Isrotel Ganim

You can count on Isrotel Ganim’s over 200 rooms to provide you rest and comfort during your adventure to the Dead Sea. A day in the sea and the therapeutic clay wraps can exhaust even the quintessential beach worshipper. You can also opt for the hotel’s alternative to the natural spa that the Dead Sea offers. It has spas, Jacuzzis, heated pools and massage services for relaxation. Grab some light lunch, ice cream and refreshments at the lobby bar, or head out to the hotel’s main restaurant for a fill of its varied cuisines. Isrotel Ganim assures comfort and convenience for all its guests.
Address: M.P Ein Bokek, Ein Bokek

4) Herods Dead Sea


Herods Dead Sea Hotel is known for its magnificent spa, Vitalis. Guests can luxuriate in the spa which imitates the relaxing and soothing effect of the sea. For a complete spa experience, try its array of saunas, mud treatments, indoor Dead Sea heated pool, and hydrotherapy. There are facilities and activities for the younger ones, too, to keep them busy. Delight at the exquisite meals served in the hotel’s restaurant and the conveniences you will find in their well-appointed rooms.

Address: Neve Zohar

5) Ein Gedi Resort Hotel

This resort hotel allows you to indulge in the beach, enjoy the hot springs, walk around the surroundings, take an excursion to the desert, and still be within the comfortable radius of the resort and its amenities. The hotel has comfortable rooms where you can rest after an enervating day in the sun. Facilities include a spa, two pools and tennis courts.

Address: Kibbutz Ein Gedi

The Dead Sea is a one-of-a-kind destination. It is where you will have fun and experience buoyancy beyond Archimedes’ theory. You can mull over scientific explanations while enjoying the effortless water activity of floating. Marvel at how the salts and minerals make you feel good and healthy. The Dead Sea or Salt Sea is one of mother nature’s quirks – it does not support sea life but it makes a person well; it is the world’s lowest point, lower than sea level, yet it will never make you sink. Not everything on earth is easy to comprehend, but there are always ways to delight in them.


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