Q-Swap Mobile Power Bank Review

Power banks are all the rage lately because of how inseparable we have become to our phones. They are an extension of ourselves and we seem to be looking at it 24/7. And while the technology of phones have gone through plenty of improvements, the batteries powering them still leaves much to be desired.

That’s where mobile power banks come in. They allow you to use and charge your phone on-the-go. So hopefully, you will never run on red and your phone will always be there when you need it.

I have been using the Q Swap power bank for the last couple of months. The following article is my review of the power bank. So if you are interested in it and want to read my thoughts on it, continue below.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was offered this item to test and review. However, this fact has no bearing on my judgement and overall review of the power bank.

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Shipping and Delivery

Because it was being fulfilled by Amazon, I got the product pretty quickly after I got a shipping number. It came to my doorsteps in two days. The product came with a pouch, the charger, a USB wire, and two batteries. Here is a picture of what came with the Q Swap power bank:


One of the things I love about this power bank is its size. The thing only weighs 5.1 grams (or around 1/3 of a pound). This weight includes the two batteries and the actual charger itself. This puts it on the lighter end of a lot of mobile power banks, but not by much. In terms of bulkiness, here is a picture to give you a better picture of its size. I placed the power bank next to my wallet, which is of average size:

As you can see, the charger is half the size of my wallet. That’s pretty impressive.


The Q Swap power bank comes with two interchangeable batteries. So if both batteries are full and you use both of them up, you can potentially get up to 6 charges. Each battery is 5200 mAh. On initial testing, my Samsung Galaxy S7 went from 1% to 100% in about 2 hours using their charging USB wire. I would expect it to charge an I Phone at around the same time. Not bad. However, that was with me not using my phone at all.  Although it does charge fairly well for a mobile power bank, do not expect it to fully charge your phone if you are charging the phone and using it to watch videos at the same time.

This device is perfect for going camping or on long trips where you may not have access to electricity for a few days. If both batteries are fully charged and you are without electricity for a few days, you can still use your phone with regularity and not have to worry about your juice running out.

Keep in mind that you can only charge one device on this at a time. This may be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look at it. It might be a bad thing because you won’t be able to charge more than one of your devices at the same time. But it might be a good thing because your friend can’t drain your power bank by asking if they can plug theirs in also. :).


Although it is a decent power bank and I love the interchangeability of two batteries, the price is very steep. This costs twice as much as some of its competitors but does not have twice the power capacity. The size of the device may command a higher price because of how small it is—however, I still think the price is too high, even if it is one of the smaller (therefore more convenient) ones on the market. So while I do think it is a decent power bank, I would probably not buy one until the price gets a little lower.


Q Swap Power Bank

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  • Comes with two batteries
  • Batteries are interchangeable
  • Small enough to carry in a clutch purse
  • Simple to operate
  • Can be used on-the-go


  • Expensive
  • Only one charging port


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