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Athens Travel Guide


Athens may be Europe’s oldest city, but it is still as enigmatic as the mythological figure whom it’s named after, unceasingly evolving over time. In recent years, it experienced a beautiful transition– into a sophisticated metropolis– yet still has remained coherent to its historic significance. In its historic center, the sites are now virtually car-less. […]

Tasmania Travel Guide

Tasmania Featured Image

When you think of Australia, and Tasmania doesn’t immediately come to mind, it means that you’re definitely missing out on something essential in your itinerary.  Tasmania is Australia’s rugged, wild, yet dramatic beauty. Its landscapes are tranquil and unspoiled, its wilderness trails are challenging and stunning, and its coastlines and white-sand beaches have remained pure […]

10 Incredible Pictures of Fiji

The islands of Fiji have long been the poster child for ultimate serenity and luxury. And rightfully so—it is beautiful with its crystal clear water and decadent villas. Who wouldn’t want to stay at such a place? Well if you haven’t had the chance to go to Fiji yet, you can live vicariously through these […]

Krabi, Thailand Travel Guide

With its well-protected national parks, virgin forests, well-maintained temples, gorgeous beaches, and luxurious apartments. Krabi proves to be a comprehensive tourist destination, as well as a prospective retirement haven for those who wish to enjoy the majestic views of the Andaman Sea. If you are looking for an idyllic beach vacation, then why not consider […]