Guide to Ibiza

6) Museu Diocesà

Inside the Catedral is the Museu Diocesa, which showcases religious art accumulated through many centuries. Admission fee is USD 2.

Address: Inside the Catedral, Ibiza City

7) Centre d’Interpretació Madina Yasiba

Have your fill of another museum, but this time it is a replica and restoration of medieval Ibiza, then called Muslim City of Madina Yabisa, before 1235 when Christians overtook the island. Much of the exhibits are parts of the excavated 16th century Casa de la Curia, or law courts, and parts of which used to be the original Islamic bastion walls. Admission fee for adults is USD 2.50, and for children is USD 2.

Address: Carrer Major 2

8) Pacha

Ibiza is also synonymous with nightlife and dancing along the city port, as it is synonymous to sunny beaches. Pacha is a huge high-tech dance facility. It can hold 3,000 people at one time and it heaves of deafening beat, swimming colors, psychedelic lights and mirrors. There’s a quiet terrace when you need to reduce the sensory overload. Admission fee is from USD 30 to USD 73.50.

Address: North of Ibiza’s Port, Ibiza City

9) Space

If you can’t get enough of space, crowds, drinks and music, then take a regular daytime boat trip to where the action is. Space, considered one of the world’s best night clubs, accommodates 12,000 night-clubbers. Admission fee is from USD 37.50 to USD 77.50.

Address: Platja d’en Bossa

10) Sa Penya

If you are the type who likes to observe people, this public place is tops. There are lines of boutiques and curio shops, and hippy market stalls. You can buy souvenirs while watching weird-looking people milling by. Don’t miss the locals, you will have a better perspective of the place with their culture and color.

Address: Sa Penya

Where to Eat

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Ibiza has an assortment of cuisines to offer you. You can drop by a quaint traditional restaurant for paella and café de caleta while you take a respite from the scooter tour, or go to one of the contemporary restaurants along the coast for Balearic delicacies and international dishes. Here’s a list to make sure you don’t go famished while enjoying Ibiza sights.

1) Es Bigotes

Have a hearty lunch of bullit de peix (fish simmered with herbs and vegetables), arros caldo (saffron rice cooked in broth), and finish off with café de caleta (lemon-zesty and brandied coffee) at El Bigotes. Price starts at USD 32.

Address: Cala Mastella

2) S’ Amettler

Get your fill of the island’s specialties. Flao, a mint-flavored cheesecake, is found only in the Balearic Islands. Order a meal from fresh market produce. Price from the menu starts at USD 28, meals can range from USD 45 to USD 52.

Address: Carrer de Pere Francesc 12

3) El Ayoun

This Moroccan restaurant serves Middle Eastern food and sushi. Find a table on the huge garden terrace and dine until midnight. Meals can range from USD 39 to USD 52.

Address: Carre d’Isidor Macabich 6 Sant Rafel

4) La Paloma

When you’re visiting the church area in Sant Llorenc, look for this happy place which offers creative Mediterranean food. Its processed meat comes straight from Tuscany and fresh vegetables are handpicked from its own garden. Main courses start at USD 21 to USD 34.

Address: Sant Llorenc

5) Osteria Es Figueral

Pizzas and oven-cooked pork with prosciutto and parmesan cheese melt in your mouth in this restaurant. Choose a table on the roadside terrace and relax on its quaint wicker chair.  Meals start at USD 39.

Address: Carrer de Platja Es Figueral 6

Where to Stay

After soaking under the sun at the beaches, riding up hills and valleys, or walking through ruins and Roman fortresses, you will certainly need a soft bed to rest on. A hot breakfast in the morning will be most delightful, too. Here we have listed some options for you.

1) Jet

If you want to be in the middle of things, book for a night or two in this hotel.  It is close to Ibiza Castle, Aguamar Water Park, Ibiza Cathedral, Figueretas Beach and the Bossa Beach. This 4-star hotel has recreational amenities and air-conditioned guestrooms which are furnished with kitchenettes and top-of-the-line conveniences. The price for a room per night starts at USD 284.

Address: Playa D’en Bossa Sant Josep de sa Talaia

2) Fiesta Club Don Toni

Get comfortable in this posh hotel with its air-conditioned guestrooms, enormous beds and snug sofas. Common area includes a rooftop terrace, gift shops and newsstand, outdoor swimming pools, bar and lounge, and several restaurants. Room rate covers buffet breakfast and it starts from USD 222 per night.

Address: Carretera de la Platja d’en Bossa, Sant Jordi de ses Salines Sant Josep de sa Talaia

3) Fiesta Club Palm Beach

Enjoy a night in the vicinity of Bossa Beach, Las Salinas Beach, Aguamar Water Park and the Ibiza Castle. The restaurant offers its own points of interest, such as a restaurant, a poolside bar, arcade room and a fitness facility. The room rate of USD 116 comes with a complimentary buffet breakfast.

Address: Carretera Playa d’en Bossa

4) Arlanza Apartments

These apartments are on the budget side, yet located in the middle of several points of interest; with the beaches, the Ibiza Castle and the Cathedral nearby. There are four lounges and bars, three swimming pools, a sauna and a fitness center. A grocery provides your needs 24/7. Every room has a balcony, a kitchen, and a living room. It’s like having a house of your own in Ibiza City. And the rates start at an unbelievable USD 52 per night.

Address: Calle Antonio Machado

5) Hotel Club La Noria

This is a hotel complex close to the waters of the Bossa Beach, a short walk from Pacha and the Disco Bus stop. Rooms are air-conditioned, with complete bathroom, luxurious bed and a terrace. There are tennis courts and swimming pools in the garden area with sunbathing deck chairs for sun-worshippers. Rates start at USD 139 per night.

Address: Arguelagues, 7, Ibiza-Playa den Bossa Ibiza

Where to Party

Even if there are new Ibizan laws that threaten its 24-hour ever-bustling party scene, there are more than enough all-out meccas of hedonism to keep the punters happy all year every year. If you’re one party animal who has enough energy to last you the whole 24 hours, check out these scintillating clubs.

1) Jockey Club

The perfect spot to catch a glimpse of the jet-set, Jockey Club is the ideal place to sip cocktails, enjoy a fresh fish lunch and listen to whatever the DJ on deck is spinning, all while relaxing in the soothing rays of one of Ibiza’s most exclusive beaches.Trendy but casual, Jockey Club is the third beach bar to be opened along the idyllic and very popular beach, Las Salinas. And while the crowd is predominantly well moneyed (the prices on the menu reflect this), there are no bouncers to discriminate. The kitchen stays open all day and the club has a dedicated staff who will serve directly to your sun lounger. And for those who’ve arrived via private yacht, a dinghy will come collect you from where you’ve anchored.

Address: Playa Ses Salines, 07830

2) Amnesia

This off-color, boisterous bar plays host to an exclusive SF-insider culture comprised of steam-punk, Burning Man and new-gypsy subcultures. Within Amnesia’s saloon-style swinging doors, first-rate jazz, blue-grass, cabaret, and Americana result in raucous, boot-stomping reverie. Regulars make Amnesia’s lively, red-painted walls their home away from home, and they are quick to welcome unfamiliar faces by sharing exuberant praise for the performers and beckoning total strangers to square-dance. While even its disciples complain about Amnesia’s lack of a liquor license, the abundance of beers (including three varieties of Chimay) and Korean soju-cocktails present ample solutions to your sobriety.

Address: Ctra. Ibiza a San Antonio, Km 5, 07816 San Rafael

3) Pacha

This little old finca has grown into the most dominant clubbing brand in the world, with the Ibiza venue still very much the driving force and jewel in the crown. With a reputation for providing clubbing with style, it is unrivaled when it comes to adding some VIP pizzazz to proceedings.

Address: Avenida 8 De Agosto, 07800

Besides being the global cradle of electronic music, Ibiza truly stands proud for its unparalleled natural beauty; superb, balmy climate; scintillant party scene; and well-preserved World Heritage site. Lose yourself to the music of the best DJs in the world or the sight of beautiful coves and beaches. Whatever type of R&R you’re after, the jewel of the Mediterranean will never fail you. After all, Ibiza is one place where you can savor all of life’s finest pleasures in style.

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