Great Wall of China Travel Guide

3) Laozhaizi Farmhouse

This farmhouse serves real “peasant food,” such as cornmeal dumplings stuffed with vegetables, boiled fish and stewed chicken with mushroom. Situated very near the base of Huangyaguan Great Wall, this farmhouse is ideal for relaxing after the hike and having a replenishing meal. Price starts from USD5 to USD17.

Address: 0.03 miles west of the parking lot of Huangyaguan Great Wall, Huangyaguan Village

4) Chunxiang Farmhouse

Be surrounded by amazing scenes from the Limutai, Jiulong Pool, and the Baishe Valley, while savoring breakfast of free-range chicken eggs, grilled fish, wild vegetable cake and Chinese salads. Price starts from USD 8.50 to USD 16.50.

Address: 70 East Zone, Huangyaguan Village, Xiaying Town, Jixian County

5) Farmhouses in the Hua Lou Gou Village

At the foot of the Jinshianling are farmhouses that serve authentic dishes of the village. Try their baked corn cake, walnuts and hawthorn with mushrooms, and stewed bean curd with Chinese cabbage. Price starts at USD 8.50.

Address: Hua Lou Gou Village, foot of Jinshianling Great Wall

Where to Stay

By all means, don’t miss the last bus out of the Walls. If you get left, however, know that off those walls are villages – authentic Chinese hamlets that represent a microcosm of China and its people. Waking up to the majestic view of the Wall should make your stay much more special than any several-starred hotel in the city. Hereunder are several places for you to stay at while marooned, intentionally or not, near the Walls. While there are a handful of modern hotels nearby, most of the facilities are traditional, yet very interesting farmhouses.

1) Fu Gui Hong Farmhouse

Near the shops of Huairou District at the foot of Mutianyu, is a Chinese Village called Xisan Minsu Village. With a backdrop of the Shengquan Temple, a lake and the Huiyuan Valley nestles a 9-room farmhouse called Fu Gui Hong Farmhouse. You can observe or join other guests at the Mahjong table, or the more familiar games of chess and cards. Ask for a room that has heated brick bed especially when you’re in on a cold weather. Such a room fetches USD 10 per person during off-season.

Address: Xisan Minsu Village, Huairou District

2) Hexi Village Farmhouses

Hexi Village Farmhouses
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Live a peasant life, even just for a day, in the village of Hexi. There are several farmhouses in this village which offer excellent accommodation, service and food. Nearby are the Wohushan Great Wall, the Chaohe River, the Temple of Lu Dongbin, and the Tomb of Yang Qilang. A visitor pays around USD 10 for one night.

Address: near the upper stream of the Miyun Reservoir, Hexi Village, Gubeiko Town

3) Jinshan Hotel

Just off the Jinshanling Great Wall, is a two-star hotel which was influenced by the architectures of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It looks over a square where bonfires and barbecues are frequent entertainment activities of guests and locals alike. It can accommodate around 130 guests and has function halls and a restaurant. You may request a room that has access to local and international telephone calls. Jinshan Hotel is just a 20-minute walk from the Jinshangling Great Wall and also near West Lake. Room rates start at USD 10 a night.

Address: Corner Qingchun Road and Zhonghe Road, Jinshanling

4) Laozhaizi Farmhouse

When you have opted for the trek to Huanyaguan Great Wall and plan to spend the night in this location, this place is great. It is a farmhouse that has accommodations with the great panorama of the Huanyaguan Pass and Bagua Maze, the Jiulong Mountain and Pool, and the Baishe Valley. Hot water is provided 24 hours, and every room has its own bathroom. Cost for a room is USD 10 to USD 15 per person.

Address: 0.03 miles to the west of the Huanyaguan parking lot

5) Zhao’s Hostel

This popular farmhouse is also called Lao Zhao Jia’, or Old Zhao’s. Master Lao Zhao is a convivial village man who enthusiastically guides travelers and tourists around Arrow Nock. The view is great at night and piping-hot dinners are things a traveler can hardly resist. A standard room costs USD 25.

Address:  Xizhazi Village  (at the foot of Arrow Nock or the Jiankou Great Wall)

There’s this famous Chinese adage that goes, “He who has not climbed the Great Wall is not a true man.” Indeed, a bona fide Great Wall traveler must not only conquer the walls; he must also take time to wander off to paths less trodden by tourists. Below those cliffs and ridges, and off those walls, are villages and communities like Mutianyu, Beigou, Gubeiko, Xinying and Tianxianyu. It will definitely be worth your time to meander into the villages and know by heart the people who call the walls behind them their “home.”


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