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10 Incredible Pictures of Fiji

The islands of Fiji have long been the poster child for ultimate serenity and luxury. And rightfully so—it is beautiful with its crystal clear water and decadent villas. Who wouldn’t want to stay at such a place? Well if you haven’t had the chance to go to Fiji yet, you can live vicariously through these […]

Five Reasons To Move To Asia

I officially moved to Asia in January 2011. For the past 2 months I’ve been hauling ass (and my pack) around Thailand, riding buses and trains, walking beaches and writing constantly. Before that, I lived in Phuket, and taught English, ran an Irish bar and freelanced. Before that, I spent 2 months in Bali, where […]

Tips for Buying Property Abroad

Close your eyes for a moment, and think of the most beautiful piece of property you could ever dream of owning abroad. A French chateau, a Spanish villa, an Asian beach hut, or even an English castle – these are just some of the possible visions that could have crossed your mind in the last […]

Five Ways to Save on Your Travels

Today I am leaving Thailand after living here for over a year. At 2 pm, I’ll take a bus that will deliver me to a small town called Chiang Khong, at the Thai border with Laos. Tomorrow morning, I’ll pay my $30 (I haven’t seen American money for a very long time, and it looks […]