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Vacation Advice 101 is the premier travel site for those wanting to visit and experience all the world has to offer.  If your business is tourism and you want targeted traffic, there is no better way than to advertise here.  Our visitors are ready to spend as many of them come to the site because they are looking for tips on what to do when they travel somewhere specific.  By advertising with us, we can ensure that your business is noticed when they are about to make a buying decision.

Advertising with us is different because we offer page-specific and location-specific advertising.  That way, you are getting the most targeted traffic for your money.

For instance, if you are a tourism company from Ibiza and want to target people going to Ibiza, then we would put your ad only on our Guide to Ibiza page.  And if you are a Tokyo-based company?  Then we will ensure that your advertisement is shown only on the Guide to Tokyo page.

Our rates are very affordable.  We start off at $20 per 1000 impressions.  You will only need 1-2 sales a whole year to become profitable at this rate!  If you are interested in advertising with us, please send an inquiry to iamjustbeingironic[at]gmail[dot]com.