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5 Best Backpacking Water Fitlers

sawyer mini filtration system

For avid campers, especially backpackers, a water filter is an absolute necessity when camping out.   A good water filter should be portable, durable, and highly reliable in treating water from streams, rivers, and lakes.  We have compiled a list of the 5 best water filters for campers, especially backpackers. [click to continue…]

upside down house poland

Fan of strange things?  Well so are we and you are in for a treat.  We have scoured the web and found 20 of the world’s strangest buildings.  Some are beauties, while others are beastly.  But take a look and judge for yourself. [click to continue…]


14 Alien-Looking Places On Earth

door to hell Turkmenistan

Science has made relentless strides toward discovering exoplanets and the possibility of life in other planets in our solar system. However, breakthroughs like that may take decades to come to fruition. The good news is Mother Earth has her own version, too! Here are 14 alien-looking places that will tell you what it’s like to be in other worlds other than our own. [click to continue…]


10 Ways to Save Money When Traveling Overseas


While traveling overseas can be rewarding and fun, it can surely also cost a fortune. Save yourself from the unnecessary expenses – instead, use them for treats and other worthwhile purchases – by familiarizing yourself with these 10 golden rules on how to save money when traveling abroad. [click to continue…]


Blood Moon 2014 Pictures

blood moon griffith

Did you happen to see last night’s blood moon lunar eclipse? Last night’s blood moon marks the first total lunar eclipse of 2014. A lunar eclipse is when the moon passes behind the earth’s, into its shadows. This only happens when the sun, earth, and moon are aligned, with the earth in the middle.

If you didn’t get to feast your eyes on this magnificent sighting, don’t worry; plenty of other people did and captured the moment with their cameras. Here are some of the pictures of last night’s blood moon. [click to continue…]


Murad Osmann’s Follow Me Project


Russian photographer Murad Osmann keeps on following his beautiful girlfriend Nataly Zakharova around the world and capturing precious moments in some of the most amazing places in the world, including Barcelona, London, Amsterdam, and Bali. Osmann started the well-known “Follow me” series back in 2011 during a vacation to Barcelona, and now he is one of the most followed photographers on Instagram.

The uniqueness of the series is in the perspective Osmann takes. His girlfriend’s face is majestically pacing forward away from the camera – showcasing her back to the viewer and guiding her photographer boyfriend through some of the world’s most impressive landscapes. Have a look at some of the gorgeous pictures he took.
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25 Gorgeous Photos of Seattle

space needle 4th july

I’m probably biased  but I have to say, Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.  It is the perfect home for many because of its beautiful skyline, unreal natural beauty, highly evolved tech scene, great mass transportation system, and eclectic mix of cultures.  But don’t just take my word for it, check out these 25 gorgeous pictures of Seattle and judge for yourself: [click to continue…]


5 Most Popular Nude Beaches in Europe

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Are you one of those who think that the natural human form belongs to the natural land and seascapes? Europe is one place where naturist societies celebrate in the freedom to move unhampered by clothing in designated places. Topless or totally bare sunworshippers walk nonchalantly along the dunes. If it is within your level of comfort, why don’t you try some of the continent’s noted nudist beaches listed below? Here they are: [click to continue…]


Kevin Richardson Lion Whisperer

kevin richardson lion hand mouth

Kevin Richardson is a South African zookeeper who has worked extensively with native animals of the African wild.  But he’s not just any zookeeper.  He is also what you would call a lion whisperer.  Yes, he communicates with lions. In this video sponsored by GoPro, we get to see what happens when a lion whisperer comes face to face and attempts to hug a lion.  Prepared to be awed and shocked.   [click to continue…]


Want to Live in an Igloo? Try Tiny Geodesic Domes

geodesic dome tiny 4

Last week we wrote about the woman who built her own mobile tiny house after her foreclosure and divorce.  This week, we are featuring another small house concept that is pretty cool.  It’s more of an igloo than it is a house.  This small geodesic dome is located in Iglu-Dorf, which are small igloo villages/neighborhoods located in Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Italy, and Germany.  The dome below is built by Pacific Domes and is located in Zermatt, Switzerland. [click to continue…]